Thursday, 20 July 2017

Day #4: Swimming with Sharks- W.L.J.- Activity.

Day #4: Swimming with Sharks.
Hi everyone, today I am going to be blogging about the Farewell Spit Whale stranding. On the Site, it said we had to explain what the locals did to try and save the Whales. So let us begin.

File:Whales on beach, Farewell Split, South Island, New Zealand.JPG

They had to keep on pouring the buckets full of water so they can still be hydrated. The locals had to keep away from their tails and keep their blow hole clear and cover them as well. They had to help over 300 beached whales. The Farewell Spit is now a graveyard of the 300 pilot whales.

Activity 2:
Day #4: Swimming with Sharks.
Hi everyone, today I am going to be blogging about a movie trailer called Whale Rider. On the Site, it said that we had to summarise the trailer and vote it on a scale of one to five. Here is my description of the trailer.
Whale Rider is about this girl named Paikea who had a twin brother. Her twin brother didn’t make it at birth. Paikea is a descendant of her ancestor Paikea. But every generation the first born son was going to lead them out of the darkness and so Paikea wanted to prove that not only the chosen people are the ones to lead their tribe but all of them could as well. I give the Trailers a 5 out of 5 because it had a true meaning behind the whole movie/trailer.

Day #4: Swimming with Sharks Bonus Activity.
Hey, guys, it’s Pisi and today I am going to be doing the Bonus Activity for Day#4. On the Site, it said that we are going to be learning about Hector’s Dolphin. I am going to be blogging about if we should stop people fishing in the Farewell Spit.

I say we should stop the fisherman because they are very rare and native. Did you know that Hector’s Dolphins only grow up to 1.5 meters, so they are the smallest Dolphins in the world? Another reason why we should stop them is that there are approximately 80 individuals left and 55 adult Hector’s Dolphins left on earth.

That is why we should Stop the Fisherman.                      


  1. Hey Pisi!

    You got a very good blog post there! You have a great summary about the whale rider. I have not watched the movie though!! It was really sad hearing that all Hectors Dolphins died :( Don't you think! Anyways keep working hard Pisi! Can't wait to see you at school.

    Mia :)

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  3. Kia ora Pisi,

    Wow, what an informative post! I feel as though I have learned quite a bit about the events in Farewell Spit - both the beaching of the whales and the capturing of the dolphins. I agree with you that something has to be done to protect our endangered dolphins. I did not realise that there were only 55 - 80 adult Hector's dolphins left in the world. That is really worrisome!

    I believe that it is our responsibility protect the animals and I really hope that we're able to come up with a plan to save our native species who are on the brink of extinction.

    Thanks for your thought provoking post, Pisi.

    Rachel :)