Thursday, 10 December 2015


Yellow hat-
What I liked about this year is going to be on the breakfast show on TV 1. Going to be on TV was the most amazing thing that's ever happened to me. I was going to be famous on that day.

Grey hat-
What wasn't so great about this year was boys being naughty at the wrong time,hearing my teacher growling the boys. I also hate people bullying other people that are innocent. People that do the wrong thing needs to remember the nice person in  you.

White hat-
What did I learn, well I have learnt lots of stuff from miss king. I learnt lots of things about dinosaurs,English,and maths. What I enjoyed about learning was mathematics.

Red hat-
How I felt about this year. I felt awesome,sad sometimes,mad and shy. All the time I'm always a awesome pants but never a grumpy pants any more. I love being a awesome pants all the time.

Green hat-
The most interesting thing was going play on  the Google cardboard. Google cardboard was amazing it's like you're somewhere else but your still in your spot. That was so interesting that I will never forget that day.

Blue hat-
We can make it better if we follow the rules,listen and most of all be an awesome role model. Being role model means sitting up nicely with a great big smile and stop, look and listen. It means all of the stuff that are kind and responsible.

I had lots of fun this year and I can't wait until I'm a year 4.