Thursday, 10 December 2015


Yellow hat-
What I liked about this year is going to be on the breakfast show on TV 1. Going to be on TV was the most amazing thing that's ever happened to me. I was going to be famous on that day.

Grey hat-
What wasn't so great about this year was boys being naughty at the wrong time,hearing my teacher growling the boys. I also hate people bullying other people that are innocent. People that do the wrong thing needs to remember the nice person in  you.

White hat-
What did I learn, well I have learnt lots of stuff from miss king. I learnt lots of things about dinosaurs,English,and maths. What I enjoyed about learning was mathematics.

Red hat-
How I felt about this year. I felt awesome,sad sometimes,mad and shy. All the time I'm always a awesome pants but never a grumpy pants any more. I love being a awesome pants all the time.

Green hat-
The most interesting thing was going play on  the Google cardboard. Google cardboard was amazing it's like you're somewhere else but your still in your spot. That was so interesting that I will never forget that day.

Blue hat-
We can make it better if we follow the rules,listen and most of all be an awesome role model. Being role model means sitting up nicely with a great big smile and stop, look and listen. It means all of the stuff that are kind and responsible.

I had lots of fun this year and I can't wait until I'm a year 4.

Friday, 20 November 2015

Museum trip

Yesterday on Thursday room 13  we went to the museum! We went to the museum because we are learning about dinosaurs and paleontologists . We had lots of fun.

Palaeontologists are scientists that study dinosaur bones or fossils.  A Fossil is something that is very, very, old and is covered in sand and dirt then after lots of years it turns into a rock. Fossils can also be made out of shells and rock or in a block of wood.

We learned something about a T-Rex and a triceratops. We got splitted in 3 groups. I was in group 3. We had to hold an object and guess what it was. Our first object was a T-Rex's tooth. Did you know that if a T-Rex loses a tooth it can regrow and also a T-Rex has 70 teeth.

Our 2nd object was a poop. Group 3 thought it was a brain, we said it's a brain straight away but it wasn't. Palaeontologists were actually happy that they found a triceratops poo because they can looked through the poo and see what they ate for lunch.

But it was the end of the day and we had to go back to school by the bus then go home.

Monday, 9 November 2015

Shape tangram puzzle

This is my shape picture . In my shape I can see triangles,squares and parallelograms.


This activity shows the symmetry of different shapes. Symmetry means that if you fold in half then the sides will match.

Weekend story

Yesterday at 5 pm, my cousins and aunties came for the meeting, it was about the wedding.
My little cousins came as well,their names were Persia and Alaysia. Persia is 6 years old and Alaysia is 4 years old.

We Watched SpongeBob out of the water. But we were bored so we started played some hoops outside. I was winning because I was the tallest.

So we went inside to have a snack. We ate ice cream, carrot cake and some chips. It was super yum.

After that we went outside to play spies. I was the mother and I had 2 daughters and 1 son ,the son was my brother in real life. Anyways we had a great time.

Then all of my cousins came outside to play master. I was the first master but my cousin Stacy bet me. If we missed we had to run 4 times and you had go at the back of the line. We had amazing time and that is my weekend story.

Friday, 6 November 2015


                                       The ice cream - osaurus.

The ice cream osaurus is a harmless dinosaur. He lives in ice cream land. That is every dinosaurs dream place except for hate-osaurus and berrie-osaurus.

His favourite thing to do is roll in ice cream. The ice cream Land is hard to see because it camouflages with the mountain. It is also predator proof that means if someone that is their enemy tries to come through, gets knocked allllll the way to the moon.

His nickname is called junkie. Junkie is one of the powerfullest dinosaur and the most popular dinosaurs on earth. He is one of the popular dinosaur because his great,great,great,great grandmother was the Queen of ice cream osaurus, she has courage and believes we are strong in our heart and brain.

He lived in the harmless period. His power is running,strength,smart. In his smart, he can manipulate people and also can take over other Dinosaurs body, to humiliate themselves.

Friday, 16 October 2015

Immersion assembly

    This term ,Pt  England school's new topic is surviving. Room 13 went to the hall to go to the immersion assembly. All the teachers were dressed in silly costumes.

My favourite item was team 4. They  are learning about animals. My favourite bit is the video,where the childrens was filmed in the green screen and there was animals behind them but they did not know.

My other favourite one was team 5. There act was about adaptation. There challenge was to eat noodles with chopsticks but ms Clark won because she adapted to the game.

I hope this term would be amazingly awesome like last term.

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Numerator and denominator

Whave been learning about numerators and denominators by making fractions.

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Tuesday, 15 September 2015


Today we've been learning about alliteration. Enjoy my funny movie that shares several silly sentences.

Monday, 14 September 2015


We are learning to describe ourselves using similes. Listen to the similes in my movie and enjoy my funny photos.

Thursday, 20 August 2015

2 digit numbers and multipulcation

Octagons and squares are learning a new strategy. It is a super duper easy strategy . I think I am going to use this kind of strategy every time we do mutipulcation.

Nurse Heidi

Nurse Heidi is a dental therapist at Pt England. Nurse Heidi's dream is to become a dental therapist.

Heidi wanted to be a dental therapist since she was 5 years old. Heidi went to a university called Otago. She trained there for two years.

Heidi's favourite bit about her job is working with the kids. Her least favourite part is doing all the paper work. Heidi hates the paperwork because just in case she needs to call your parents and when she finished her chit chat she has to remember what she just said in that chit chat so that she can write it down on a piece of paper.

Heidi's weirdest mouth she has ever seen is her dog's mouth. Every day when she finishes her work she brings a scratcher instrument from her work and uses it for her dog. Heidi's dog does not like those scratcher instrument but Heidi gives her dog a treat then her dog let's Heidi do another smelly tooth.

We are so lucky to have Heidi as our second invited guest. Thanks for coming Heidi.

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

William tell

William tell was a courageous man . He was strong and a kind person. William tell is one courage man.


The purple group are learning about freaky animals they are spiders , piranhas ,  pythons , ferrets and alpaca.

Friday, 14 August 2015

Mrs Nua

Mrs Nua is an associate principal at Pt England school. She is one of my favourite teachers out of the whole school.

Mrs Nua is a hard working person. She has lots of meetings in Mr Burt's office. Mrs Nua's favourite bit about her job is seeing all the kids having a happy time in class and every where.

Mrs Nua is kind and intelligent. She has a big shiny smile with a smooth personality. Mrs Nua's favourite drink is coffee.

We are so lucky to have Mrs Nua as our associate principal.

Friday, 7 August 2015


On Monday morning room 13 went to the life Education caravan to see Harold and Lynn. We were so excited once we got in the caravan. The life Ed caravan teaches us about our bodies and our feelings.
Room 13 are learning about bodies and empathy Because if we are sick you know what's happening in your body. Empathy means putting yourself in their shoes. 

After that we watched a movie about Harold's friend Billy. Billy is from a country but he moved to a city. He was really shy when he met his new class because he didn't know anyone. So his teacher said " come sit at the front desk with Robert. Then the bell rang Robert left Billy alone in the class on purpose but  Robert said come on Billy  I guess you have to come with me said Robert in a annoying way. Billy  was sitting alone in the court, on the other side is Robert and his friend is looking at some comic books. Then these two girls came by and said who's your new friend their so Robert said "him I'm just babysitting for the day ". Said Robert . Robert , his friend and the two girls went away and billy went to the soccer field where some kids was playing rugby and he met someone in the field his name is called Sam  and he said nice things to him . Sam said do you wanna play with us and billy said yes.

Harold and Lynn said should we sing a song and we said yes . Lynn turned on some cool lights they were blue,red, green,purple and yellow. We danced through the whole song it was so fun.

We appreciate  you Harold and thanks for teaching us all about empathy and feelings.
Hope you come back next year. We love you Harold and Lynn.

Tuesday, 28 July 2015


 My biggest secret is I have a mermaid tail. 
It all started when my mum was a human, she said that we are going to the beach, I said no inside my head so I pretended to be sick but it still didn't work so that's how it got  difficult so I had to think hard . Thinking thinking. Then I had an idea so I just put my swimming togs on and I said to my mum I'm ready so she said "hurry up  go in the car ".  When we got to the beach, I pretend to I sprain my ankle and told my mum that I have sprained ankle. My mum said come and sit down with me. Mum said that she’s going for a swim when she swam in the ocean I saw a tail, a mermaid tail so I gasped but I tried to wake myself up but I could not, so that means I’m not the only one that has a tail so I told my mum my secret and my mum said that I already know that your mermaid cause I’m a mermaid as well.

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Bouncy castle

Last Friday was a surprise. During assembly we were told that we could play on the bouncy castle on the field. Thanks to Tamaki pride, all the kids got to go on the inflatable slide.

We lined up in a straight line to bounce down the bright yellow and red slide. One by one, we took turns, one, two, three we clambered up the handles. We got to have two turns on the bouncy castle. Room 13 had lots of fun. Me and Lilly's hair was swinging in the air.

Thursday, 25 June 2015


Every Tuesday, after lunch Room 13 goes to the hall to play kiwi - sport . Our coaches are Coach Vinnie and Coach Shenice.

After we walked into the hall , coach vinnie set up  some new warm - up games for us . We do warm - ups so that we can get ready for basketball.

Coach vinnie always makes sure that we learn some skills. Some of those skills are bongo drums and v- dribble . We do those skills so that we know how to play basketball.

At the end we always play a shooting game - girl vs boys . The first team to score 5 points is the winner . The winning team has to aeroplane around the hall as a celebration.

My favourite part of kiwi sport was when we were playing the shooting game. I really enjoyed it and we really appreciate you coming to our school. Coach Vinnie and Coach Shenice you are the best coaches we've ever had.

Friday, 19 June 2015

Mr Bean

 The fat old lady barked and pointed at the long grass with her walking stick. “Cut the grass, Mr Bean” she shouted while looking at the old lawn mower. Reluctantly, Mr Bean headed over to start the rusty old machine.

“Splutter splutter” Smoke poured from the mower. Mr Bean looked around, he wasn’t one for hard work. He knew there had to be an easier way. Out of the corner of his eye Mr Bean noticed the cage full of little bunny rabbits.

Picking some of the grass, Mr Bean walked to the cage and gave a bunch to the rabbits. Quickly they gobbled up the sweet green treat. Now he had a idea.

Tinkering in his shed, Mr Bean created the perfect tool for a man as lazy as himself, a rabbit lawnmower. After setting the bunnies  to work he relaxed back in his lawn chair and enjoyed a glass of lemonade.

Fraction fish

We have been learning about fractions. These fish teach us about equal parts of a circle.

Saturday, 13 June 2015

PE Style

I made this movie with my friends in year 3 extension. The first thing we did was to write new words to Taylor Swift's song - Style. Then we had to record ourselves singing. Finally we were able to make our very own MTV.

Friday, 5 June 2015

Girl and robot

Clang,clang went the tools in the dark,quiet factory. Metal lay across the floor and the pipes trailed along the beam's ceiling. Hard at work the inventor knew that her dream was possible.

Something was wrong it should work. The Robot should spring to life. Thinking thinking thinking . A twist here a slight adjustment there. Full steam ahead.

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Luke Nola

Last Friday in the afternoon we we're wondering why we are marching to the hall.Once we sat in a line we saw a special guest -Mario actually his name is Luke Nola.

Luke showed us some video of his inventions . He was in 2 TVs shows as well.

So after that he showed us one of his own app that he created it is called lets get inventing.

The app is all about inventing one of your own inventions.

On the app I created a jump jet it is made from a jet and a pogo stick.


Beside a lake surrounded by tall trees a small boy toasted a marshmallow over a warm fire.  ‘Thump thump " came a noise behind him he looked around and jumped up. Facing the monster the boy held his marshmallow stick out like a sword.

Luckily the boy noticed that the monster was only interested in his marshmallows. Carefully he held out a marshmallow and the monster snatched it up with his tongue. Like a performing dog the monster kept doing tricks until he realised that the marshmallows had disappeared.

Thursday, 30 April 2015

Extraordinary Earthworms

The machine

This machine is called the chocolate fudge fountain 980 2xl.

When you put little bits of chocolate It bubbles up and rise up to the top of the fudge fountain. You can dip marshmallows into the chocolate and once you eat it you will teleport to chocolate fudge land.

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Thursday, 23 April 2015


Anzac Day is commemorated in New Zealand and Australia on April the 25th . The Turkey people were in charge of the hills of Gallipoli around the beach when the Anzac and British army were climbing the hills the Turkish army were able to shoot the Anzac people.

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

My finger puppet

        We made finger puppets with mrs Trimble It was heaps of fun.

                         My puppet name is starla

Tuesday, 31 March 2015


Class 13 went outside to have a look at the camp. First we had look at the cooking station Toby told us this is where they get their food . We looked the other side we saw a giant tent which is where they do their assembly and a dining room as we past that we sawed some lost property it was shorts  and yucky undewears .so after we look at the tents where the people sleep I think it's pretty messy


On Tuesday morning class 13 and year 3 went to motat on the bus.
We lined up in two lines to go to our meeting place. My helper was Miss King.
The first thing for room 13 was we went into the air conditioning for our lesson with Abby. She told us about things that people used to use in the olden days. On each table there were some things.
There were old cameras, old telephones, old typewriters, old inventions and things that you had to match up new and old. We took turns on each thing in our group with our helper.
The first thing that we did was the typewriter. We had to write our name. The second thing we looked at were the old telephone. After that we had to swap over everything and we had turns at the other things.
Next thing we did was that we went wherever we wanted. Miss King’s group went to the MOTAT village. Miss King gave us lollies before me and Lilly went around to wander in the village. We went in a house and saw a scary doll, we ran back to Miss King and the boys.
We went through a house and one of the boys was really scared.
After that we wandered off and went to the telephone shop where we played with Miss Haare’s group. We were calling the other people’s telephones and talking to each other. That was pretty awesome.
After that we went with our helpers to eat lunch.
Miss King told us that if we were good we could go to the mirror maze and the challenge zone. We took photos at the cars.
Then Miss King said we could finally go to the Mirror Maze. We ran through the mirror maze, bumping our heads because we couldn’t see if it was a mirror or a wall.
After that we went to the challenge zone and right to the earthquake cafe. The boys stayed there for ages and didn’t let anyone else have a go.
At the end of the day all the year 3 classes went back to the meeting place. Then we ran through the rain to quickly get on the tram.
The tram was fun because Mrs Samuels made us play a game with our hands on our head and a funny face while we walked through the shop. Lots of people made me laugh.
When we went past the zoo, we stopped and the tram driver told us stories about the old trams.
After that we went back to MOTAT and got our bags and went back to school.
We had had a very happily ever after day.


On Friday Pt England went to the beach .

Monday, 30 March 2015


Yesterday morning Pt England school and the Manaiakalani schools were going down to Pt England reserve. When we got there the  grass was wet but we just sat down. When the waka hokule'a arrived we sang a waiata which was E oho we sang beautifully. After that we listened to the people sing a waiata. It was a beautiful waiata .it was very hot that time. So after that we had to touch the persons hand from Hawaii.

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Monday, 23 March 2015

Equal Sharing

We used equal sharing to learn about fractions.

Get set go

Last Thursday class 13 went outside to play Get set go with Sean . Sean told us how to play tidy the house on the courts. He put us into teams and said it is a competition. The first thing to do was you had to run and pick up a bean bag or a toy and run behind after that Sean changed the rules you had hop with one leg with a bean bag. 

Friday, 20 March 2015


We have been using playdoh to learn all about fractions and equal pieces.

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Sparkle dream dress

Me ,Levonah and lilyana and jade had a great time at lunchtime we were playing sparkle dream dress we pretend that at school there was a prom dance so Lillyana said you had to dance with a actual boy so we were complaining  so we all agree

Sorry jade we couldn't put you in the photo 
Maybe next time you might be in the photo  

Monday, 2 March 2015

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Look After our Corridor

 We made this movie to teach everyone to keep our corridor clean. It is the first movie we made by ourselves in 2015.

Monday, 16 February 2015

Miss king

Miss king is a kind and intelligence she is so nice bought  us games  she is the best teacher in my life.


Last night I made brownies with my sister brandy and my cousin tana  we had to bake it after that we put it in the oven it got bubbly after that we took it out because it was breaking a part so we  put it out of the window then we ate it.

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Duffy Show

We are using adverbs to begin two sentences about The Duffy Show.

An adverb describes the way that we are doing something.

Excitedly I we sat down nicely and waited for the Duffy show to begin.

Loudly we all  laughed and had a great time.

Thursday, 5 February 2015

The beach

We were learning to add detail to a word group. We added detail to the front and the back of the word group.

Enjoy my sentences about - The Beach

The beach is a good place to go when it is a hot sunny day.

I like to play volley with my family and friends at the beach.

Monday, 2 February 2015

All about me

IHi my name is Pisirina. I am 7 years old.I love to play outside with my friends.I want to know about Interesting  facts.