Tuesday, 28 July 2015


 My biggest secret is I have a mermaid tail. 
It all started when my mum was a human, she said that we are going to the beach, I said no inside my head so I pretended to be sick but it still didn't work so that's how it got  difficult so I had to think hard . Thinking thinking. Then I had an idea so I just put my swimming togs on and I said to my mum I'm ready so she said "hurry up  go in the car ".  When we got to the beach, I pretend to I sprain my ankle and told my mum that I have sprained ankle. My mum said come and sit down with me. Mum said that she’s going for a swim when she swam in the ocean I saw a tail, a mermaid tail so I gasped but I tried to wake myself up but I could not, so that means I’m not the only one that has a tail so I told my mum my secret and my mum said that I already know that your mermaid cause I’m a mermaid as well.