Friday, 23 February 2018

Angire the Pokemon

WALT: reflect on the world around us.

Task Description: At my school Pokemon cards are very popular. If you don't what a Pokemon card is,  it is at the bottom of this blog post. Anyways, because these cards are very popular for us, our teacher thought that we should create our own Pokemon cards. I thought that was a great idea. We are also thinking of some rules so that when we play with the Pokemon cards it is a fair game.

All about my group

Walt: follow instructions and present work to a high standard.

Task Description: On our amazing Team 4 site I am in the Imacs reading group.We had to write about what is a Imac. The 2 main focuses for me were What is an Imac and What does it have to do with my learning. Hopefully by the end of this presentation you have learnt a lot about Imacs.

What the future would look like

Walt: use what we already know to make meaning within a story.

Task Description: We read this book called kahawai by Paul Mason. We made a copy of a discusion document and wrote what we thought happened in the story. Then we had to create a polluted future and write a "postcard" to our partner. Hope you enjoy.

Thursday, 22 February 2018

Meet Shelly, my new friend

Walt: Structure a recount.

This is my Eggsperience with my new friend.  I made a new friend today,a egg friend.Do you have a egg friend?

Mr Goodwin reached his hand into the cupboard and grabbed out three tray of eggs and two packets of vivids. “Please don’t tell me we are doing another mission” I said anxiously and confused,Mr Goodwin told us we are going to be making a little friend. Mr Goodwin showed us how we were going to make our little friend. He drew a little cartoon face on his egg, Marika named him Bob, We were all laughing until Mr Goodwin told us to ‘stop’. Now it’s our turn to try it out. The face of my little friend wasn’t on ‘fleek’ but it was good enough, All there was left to do was name her, Shelly is the perfect name.

Now it was time to take Shelly on a tour around the school. As we were cradling our egg friends, we lined up. We strolled down the court and stopped near the breeze, Loseti was an irresponsible friend and put his egg in is pocket. “Gasp”, I know what you’re thinking,I’m disgusted or something like that. After all that Drama happened we continued walking to the Park. Finally we made it to the park!

Me, Marika, Jahzara and Levonah were the 2nd ones to take a photo with our egg mate. “Sit up for your photo Shelly’ I whispered so no-one can hear. “ You have to go through obstacle course in the playground” Mr Goodwin shouted,  I carefully ran up the ladder and ran past the monkey bars. I was feeling nervous because I thought I was gonna have butter fingers and drop shelly. Luckily I didn’t drop her unlike some other people.

Overall It was a fun experience. I made a new friend and supervised Shelly.  If I was a teacher I would definitely  do this with my class.

Photos below! This is Shelly

Task Description: This writing is a recount. We had to do a challenge where we had to go through the obstacle courses but we have look after our eggs. This was a difficult task. This was like a training for looking after a baby.

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

A Mission (Silver medal Problem)

Walt: Understand how to read 24 hour time.

Task Description: In this presentation we had to solve these questions(Military edition) using Addition and subtraction. I used the 24 hour time, Digital time and the Written Form. We also had show our working by using our math'sbook and pencil.

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

The Time Race

Walt: build a stronger knowledge base around time.

Task Description: For this presentation we had to use Addition or multiplication to solve the Equation. We also had to use our math's books to solve the problem on the slides. I used the same strategy which was Addition and Multiplication.

How the Army says the Time.

Walt: Understand how to read the 24 hour time.

Task Description: The 24 hour time is what we were learning about. We had to convert the 24 hour time into the digital time and the written form. The confusing thing about this is that you don't know if the 24 hour time is on the am clock or the pm time. Did you know that the army uses the 24 hour time instead of the digital and the written form?

Monday, 5 February 2018

A day in a life of Pisirina

Walt: build a stronger knowledge base around time.

Task Description:
For this task we had to learn how to tell the time better. We wrote the analog, digital and the written form of time. We also got to attempt the bronze, Silver and Gold problem. I got up to the Gold problem.

2018 and me !

 Walt: Make sure that I'm being Cybersmart.

Task Description:
For this task we had to make a copy of the presentation above. We filled out each slide and wrote about things things that related to us or our families. We had to use different online tools to do so.