Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Pisirina Term 2 Rubric Reflection.

When I saw my final score and how I did, I was kind of  disappointed because I think I could’ve had a bigger score. The most obvious one that I didn’t do well in was the Paideia Seminar because I didn’t really participate in with the conversation that much. But I really am proud of what I have achieved because I think that I have really improved from Term 1. But Something I obviously know what to work on is contributing more in the Seminar.

My goal for the next Paideia Seminar is to talk more but not dominate the conversation.

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Pisirina Scanning task.

Walt: scan for information in texts
Walt: make connections across texts
compare resources on Earth and Mars
Walt: understand the wider solar system and distances between planets.

This was pretty easy because I always scan information. So it wasn't really new for me.

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Earth's Resources

Walt: understand that water, air, rocks, and soil, and life forms make up planet Earth and are Earth's resources.
Walt: make connections between texts and be critical of other texts we go to in order to develop our knowledge.

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Pisirina Reflection Paideia Seminar Term 2.

This Term we had the Paideia Seminar for Term 2 because we had no time for the Seminar. Me, Jahzara, Levonah and Amelia were in a group for the Seminar. Our perspective was School. I chose this because it had lot’s of reasons and facts to talk about.This is what we were talking and arguing politely about:          
Is it important to keep our humanity, emotions, critical thinking, and empathy or doesn’t it matter if we live in a wired world where we are individuals, not a community?
What is the best or worst case scenario of living in a world, where we don’t communicate face to face?
I felt really nervous, I kept on telling my group I don’t know what to say but Amelia told me to just piggy bank on my Idea. My Emotions took over me but I was okay. I thought that I didn’t really talk that much because I was really shy. One person who surprised me was Bethan because she barely opened her mouth and usually she dominates the conversation. Something I could do better is to talk more and express myself because everybody has a voice.

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