Friday, 31 March 2017

Maui and the Sun

In our classroom we are learning about Maori myths and legends, We are also learning how it link with Responsibility and Tataio o Tamaki. This is my animation. This has taken me about 2 weeks to animate. This is a myth/legend. It is Maui and the Sun. We animate on  iMacs which are large computers. The program we draw it with is Hyperstudio.

Thursday, 30 March 2017

Save the world

We have to stop polluting. The reason why me, Levonah, Jaedah and Bethan made this because we all care about animals, but some of them are nearly extincted. Save the world from pollution.

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Google map task


We are learning about palm oil, what it affects, what country it affects and how it affects rain forest and the environment and animals

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Sentence Types

We are learning about sentence types. I have learnt about complex sentences.

Friday, 24 March 2017

Maui and the Sun Summary

Once there was a man named Maui. One day, Maui and his brothers were making their dinner and the sun was starting to go down. Maui got angry. Maui said “ Why do we have to be the slaves to the sun, Why do we always have to hurry doing our  chores, I think it’s time for payback”.

Maui’s plan was that he and his brothers were going to slow down the sun. The next day Maui went to go fetch some flax, so he can teach his
brothers how to weave so that they can make some flax ropes.

During the night, Maui and his brothers were looking for the spot that the sun would always rise from.  The sun rose and they threw their ropes and wrapped it around Tamanuitera. “Why are you doing this to me” cried Tamanuitera.

“ From now on you are to make the days longer” said Maui. Tamanuitera gave up the fight. Maui told his brothers to let go of the ropes. The days had finally gotten longer. Without the sun we won’t be able to plant bushes trees that can make fruits and veggies.

The Return of the Moa

I hoped you like my Google form that I have created about the Return of the Moa . Maungakiekie had an a polite argument. I think we should not bring the Moa back to life because if we do we would treat them like how we are treating the environment.

Letter to Mr Burt

                                                                                          Mr Burt
                                                                                          Pt England School
                                                                                          New Zealand
Pt England School
New Zealand

Tuesday March 7th 2017
Dear Mr Burt,
I am writing to you because Team 4 has been wanting to plant some native bushes and trees. I would like some Harakeke in our school
because we have some in our creek, reserve and classroom bays.I have searched some native trees and bushes, they are Manuka and Harakeke. I have learnt some really good information that will definitely help and enhance our school.

The harakeke will attract some birds like a tui,bellbird, korimako, tieki, saddlebacks and other several types of insects to come, eat their nectar from the flax flower. The flax bush is also supportive, to not just a large group of animals but it will be often used to make a shelter and food resources. You can make fans,hand bags and bracelets.

This native bush will grow pretty well in our environment . We can make honey with the Manuka, which is really good and healthy.  

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Year 5&6 Camp

Last week, I was so lucky to be camping on our school grounds with Team 4.  We were having our 27th Annual camp on the 8th to the 10th of March.

We did a lot of fun activities at camp like Kayaking, Killer zone, Camp concert, Basketball and many others. We did Kayaking with Mr Burt and other helpers, Killer zone was with Mr Jacobsen and Camp concert with the some family member’s as the audience. I know what you may be thinking, what in the world is Killer zone,well just wait and see.

Killer zone is a obstacle course that includes our whole team. It is a game of speed. Thank you to Mr Jacobsen and some other helpers. The team we were playing was the Chiefs, the Chiefs, leaders were Tupuia and Chastyti. This was one of my favourite courses.

My favourite highlight was the Moana a nui kiwa pools! The Moana a nui kiwa pools had everything that a kid wanted in a pool. It had a bombing pool, a water park and a slide. We were doing handstands and flips underwater. Me and Laura were collecting a bunch of leaves. But my favourite thing about the pools is getting to hang out with my friends.

Some I have learnt from myself is that I am a good dancer and a good leader. I think everyone should have camp in the future because we get to reconnect with the environment and other students.

Thank you to Mr Burt, Mr Somerville, Naomi and Kurtas (camp leaders). My thoughts of camp is that camp is a place that you can reconnect with other people or meet some people you haven't met before. Camp is a fun place, that you can relax and forget about school.