Thursday, 16 August 2018

Everybody clean up ! ( Recount)

Walt: structure a recount

Has your class ever done a yucky job that includes helping your area/community? Well, this morning we did something intriguing but fun. Read on to find out what we did today.

  Mr Goodwin told us that we will be doing something that includes rubbish bags. Straight away the whole class knew what we were going to do, do you have an idea of what we did? We were sauntering in a squiggly line as a flawless class. Anyways, five minutes passed by and we were already on the Reserve. Mr Goodwin explained to the class that we have to be in 5 groups of 6 to be able to compete in the rubbish pick up challenge. We had boundaries and zones so we wouldn’t be running off to Mars. We had 4 Zones, 2 of the areas were on the Reserve and the rest was on our bottom field and our main field. The team with the most rubbish in their rubbish bags wins and gets to have ten minutes of Cool Maths Games.

Levonah, Jahzara, Eden, Marika, Leilani and I were in a group. Our strategy was to run and pick up rubbish. While our team was picking up trash, Eden came across some jandals and she even tried to sneak it into our rubbish bag. But, Eden got caught because she was laughing alone like a weirdo. I would’ve done anything to have ten minutes of playing games instead of doing our work.

Mr Goodwin blew the whistle and we all came running and panting outside of the Library. Miss Haare was the judge. I was feeling really confident until I saw Miss Haare pick up Chance’s groups rubbish bag. Their bag was nearly half way full. Miss Haare checked in all our rubbish bags, she found all sorts of stuff even a big bark of tree in Tuluinga’s group. Finally, Miss Haare made a decision, her choice was final. Unfortunately my group didn’t win but Chance’s group did. They definitely deserve the ten minutes of Cool Maths Games!

Overall, this experience was very enjoyable. Who knew picking up rubbish during learning time with your classmates would be fun? Next time, I would love to see an actual jandal in one of the rubbish bags if we ever do this, I would love to do this again but with another upgraded prize to win!

Task Description
For this task we had to go to the reserve to do our experience. After that we began our writing. We had to include exciting language. I tried my best to have correct grammar and to make sense in my recount above. Hope you enjoy !

Friday, 3 August 2018

Write the Dialogue

Walt: Think about dialogue between characters

Task Description
We learnt an new type of writing. It is called play writing, it includes dialogue. I learnt that Dialogue is the conversationg between two characters. I hope you enjoy my presentation !

Family of Facts 2

Walt: Solve problems using multiple elements.

Task Description
For this task, we had to use Division and Multiplication. We used both Division and Multiplication to find different ways of finding out the answer using 3 numbers. This was really easy for me to figure out. Check out my other Presentation like this in my older post below !

Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Exercise is wise

Walt: find relevant information in the text

Task Description
For this task we had to use a text reading. We use that reading to get the information for this Poster. I hope you like and learned more about me!

Family of Facts!

Walt: solve problems with multiple elements .

Task Description
For this task, we had learnt the family of facts. We used division and multiplication to solve these questions. This really helped me understand Family of Facts properly.

Friday, 27 July 2018

Immersion Assembly

Walt: using exciting language

Today was the first day of Term 3! We met Beyonce Burt during the Immersion Assembly, we even got to dance with him. Has your school done anything maniacally crazy as this?

Our school theme for this term is ‘Move Ya Body’! I think that ‘Move ya body’ is about being healthy in different ways and techniques. We will probably be doing the run and other fitness games later on this term. Another thing that I think we will work on is eating healthy nutritions.

Team 4’s topic is about having fun while exercising and being active. Instead of doing boring runs, I think we will do more fun activities that will keep us moving. The Team 4’s movie was very funny. I think the main message is that Active games/activites don't need to be competitive but it can be fun. Also it could mean being active and having fun at the same time.
As this terms theme is ‘Move ya Body’ I would also like to do some just dance and other enjoyable fitness games. A few things I would like to learn more about this term is Nutritions and how to make exercising entertaining. I would also like to learn about how exercising affects our bodies and our minds. Another thing I hope we learn about is Biology so that we can learn about the natural science that studies our bodies.
I think that the term’s theme is good because we need to start getting healthy. If we are healthy and fit now, we will keep doing the same in the future. I can’t wait for what this term brings to Team 4.

Task Description
For this task we had to do a recount/expectation writing. If you didn't know our Term 3 theme is 'Move ya Body' . Above I wrote about what I expect to happen this term. Hope you enjoy the summary of the Immersion Assembly.

Parking Meters

Walt:build a stronger knowledge base around time

Task Description
For this task we had to figure out some time problem using money and time. This was hard but challenging. This really helped me because it will eventually help me one day in the future.

A Healthy Lifestyle

Walt:find relevant information in the text
 Task Description
 For this task we had to write about some 'people' and write about if they're having a healthy Lifestyle or not. We even wrote about ourselves. We used this Guideline text to help us with the Presentation above. We also did something similair to this earlier in the year.

Thursday, 26 July 2018

What time will it be in 1000 seconds?

Walt:build a stronger knowledge base around time

Task Description
For this task we had to figure what time it will be in 1000 seconds. This was very easy as we did this earlier this year in Term 1. I used Addition and some Division to get the answer

Miniature Minutes!

Walt: build a stronger knowledge base around time

Task Description
For this task we have to figure out what time some people got home and how many minutes until the next bell. We also did this earlier this year in Term 1 so it was easy to figure it out. The strategy I used was Addition to get the answer!

Wednesday, 25 July 2018

What's the Time? Bronze Medal Problem

Walt: build a stronger knowledge base around time.

Task Description
For this task we had to tell the time. We had to figure out the analog time and write it in digital time and written form. We also did this earlier in the term so it was very easy to remember the technique.

Saturday, 7 July 2018

My Art work!

This is a something I did yesterday afterschool, I created a graffiti art. I used this website called Graffiti Creator. I created my name.

Update on my Holiday!

This is just an update on how my holiday is going. I made this with my 2 friends Leilani and Jahzara. I hope you enjoy what we made!

Friday, 6 July 2018

Yes it's that time of the year!

Yes it is nearly Term 2 holidays. I will post sometimes in the holidays but don't worry cause I will be posting schoolwork in 2 weeks. But for now, See you later!

Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Term 2 Four Forces of Flight Animation

For this animation I had to describe how a bird flies using the four forces of flight. This terms topic is I like to move it. So we had to do some research about what our animation is. Hope you enjoy my animation!

Savage Dude and the Grannny!

Walt: write from a certain perspective

Once upon a time, there was a Little boy named The Little Grey Savage dude. Recently Little Savage dude’s Mother passed away. So Little Savage dude was living with his Grandma Gina while his Dad was on a world tour. One day, Savage dude’s Dad, Jin came back from the world tour he was on. Savage dude was very happy that his dad came back. Granny was really sick on that day, so Jin wanted to surprise her with a delicious but deadly meal.

Dude’s Mum’s mother was Granny Gina. Jin blamed Gina for his wife’s death. So he made soup and bread. His key ingredient was poison. “ Hahahahahaha, finally this is what Gina deserves” said Jin maniacally. “ Little Savage, come here I have a job for you to do” exclaimed Jin to Savage. “ Here are some treats for your Grandma, go up the mountains to get to her cottage, oh and by the way Don’t talk to strangers” said Jin.

Savage dude went with the basket of ‘goodies’ to Grannies house. Dude went grouching to the mountains. Savage Dude brought his phone so he could take some instagram pictures and snapchat. While using the snapchat filters, A wolf stopped Little Savage before he could hike up the mountain to get to Gina’s cottage. “ Hello little boy, what do you have in that basket there” asked The Wired Wolf. Grey Savage continued to listen to his music with his headphones. “ Hi, Aloha , Gosh Talofa Lava, How rude of him not to speak to me.” Shouted Mr Wolf angrily, Savage dude took off his headphones and saw that a Wolf was in front of him when he was walking. Grey Sassily Questioned The Wolf“ What do you want? Can you move, I need to deliver this goodies to Granny Gina? ”.

Suddenly the Wired Wolf’s nose started twitching, Wired knew that there was something bad about those treats, he knew that the only thing that makes him twitch his nose is deadly poison. Not only that but Gina is Wolfies best friend. Wolfie bolted up the mountain and down the mountain to get to Gina’s cottage. Wolf opened the door and slammed the door really tight. Wired was huffing and puffing heavily, luckily he didn’t blow the house down because this would be the wrong story. Anyways, Wolfie explained why he rushed in here so quickly. Before Gina could say anything, the Wolf shoved Gina in the cupboard.

The Wolf ran straight into the bed and under the sheets. Grey Savage knocked on the door and lazily said “ It’s your grandson, Little Grey Savage Dude.” “ Ok my child, come in” voiced Mr Wolf as Granny. Savage Dude gasped “ Grandma what big ears you have?” Wolf replied with “ Better to hear you my dear, now come closer so I can hear you little voice’’ “ But Grandmother, What big eyes you have?” whimpered Dude. Wolfie answered “ Big eyes? Why, yes the better to see you with my darling, now Closer.” Savage was getting really worried and said “ But Granny Gina, What big teeth you have?” Wolfie Shouted “ Of course Sweet Dear the better to eat you.”The Wolf gulped Little Grey Savage Dude in one swallow. The Wolf didn’t regret one single moment. They all lived happily ever after!

Task Description
For this task we had to write a story about Little red riding hood with a twist. It was really fun to write and brainstorm ideas for this story. Read my story above and feel free to comment a cybersmart comment down below!

Sunday, 1 July 2018

Come on a Tour with me!

Walt:use information from across multiple sources.

Task Description
For this task we had to go on Google maps and explore Chicago and take screenshots so we can write about it. I changed this task up a bit and instead of just wondering around the City on Google Maps. I decided to go on a tour to a bunch of cool and beautiful places in Chicago. Hope you enjoy the Tour around Chicago!

Mario Poster!

Walt: Learn about the History of Mario and Video Games.

Task Description
For this task we had to read a long text about Mario. We also got to create a Mario on 8 bit art and we had to create something like a Poster to show our drawing and a few facts about Mario and what we learnt.

Friday, 29 June 2018

Reflection on Extension Paideia Seminar

The Yr 5 & 6 Extension Crew had their first Paideia Seminar on Tuesday the 26th of June. I was a little bit nervous but I just stayed calm. Once I started talking about our provocative statement which is ‘Developing new technologies may be the only way to ensure the survival of the human race’ I became more confident and just went with it. I am so excited until the next Paideia Seminar.

Come get your Deep Dish Pizza!

Walt: use information from across multiple sources.

Task Description
Deep Dish Pizza is a Pizza at Chicago. If you didn't know, our teacher Mr Goodwin is gone to Chicago this week. So he has left some work for us to do. This task I had to create a poster about Deep Dish Pizza. I Hope you enjoy!!!

Solving Fraction Problems

Walt: Solve fractions using Food.

Task Description
For this task we had to figure what was the answer to all the fraction problems. This was really hard and confusing but it was really fun to do. I want to do some more fractions later on this year. I Hope you enjoy!

10s,100s and 1000s

Walt: Convert money and remembering place value.

Task Description
 For this task we had to find out how many tens,hundreds and thousand were in each problem. This was quite easy and fun. Hope you enjoy the Presentation.

How Much Did He Spend 2?

Walt: Convert USD to NZD with multiplication

Task Description
We had to convert USD to NZD with multiplication. This was very confusing but easy too work out. I would definitely like to do some more converting. Hope you enjoy!

Is it too big? 2

Walt: calculate perimeter and length of a rectangle.

Task Description
For this task we had to add the centimeters. The hard thing was I had to ad decimals together. Decimals are really hard to work with but it was cool. I used Multiplication and Addition.

The Chef and Mr Goodwin

Walt: Write using descriptive language.

Mr Goodwin sat down to order his first Deep Dish Pizza. Only the chef had something different in mind for Mr Goodwin’s pizza. Instead of the usual ingredients like cheese, tomato, and ham. The Chef instead used the worst ingredient he could think of. He got it shipped from a friend of Mr Goodwin. The Chef used Mr Moran’s Stinky Socks.

The Chef went to Mr goodwin to take his order. “ Hello Sir, Welcome to our Restaurant, what do you want to order? Asked Chef. Mr Goodwin replied with “ Umm, I don’t know. What do you think I should order, Chef? ” “ Well, There is something, actually would you like to try the new special? Asked Chef. “Sure, As long as it’s delicious.’’ The Chef bolted to the kitchen to prepare the ‘new special’.

Rick the Chef first started cooking a normal Deep dish Pizza but randomly he squeezed Mr Moran’s socks. A bunch of sweat came dripping slowly out of the socks. “  Man it reeks in here. Ohh, so that’s why the box said Fragile, handle with care.” complained Chef Rick. The Masterpiece was born.

Rick put on his oven mittens and carefully took the Pizza out of the Oven. But this Pizza was not ordinary, it was a deep dish Pizza with a mystery ingredient. Rick the Chef walked out of the Kitchen with a mischievous smirk. He walked over to Mr Goodwin’s table and placed the Pizza in front of him. Mr Goodwin said “Thank you.” “ No Problem” replied Rick.

Mr Goodwin sniffed the Deep Dish Pizza and smelt a familiar odour. Within a few seconds, Mr Goodwin knew the revolting smell was Mr Moran socks. He could smell it from a mile away. Mr Goodwin picked up the dish and ran to Chef Rick. He took the Pizza and smashed it in Ricks face. Mr Goodwin shouted at Rick “ Ha, You’re plan backfired on you, how does it feel? Feel the burn! That was a good win, get it because my surname is Goodwin.”

Rick the Chef took off his mask, he revealed himself. Rick is actually Mr Burt, not only that but Mrs Burt is Mr burt’s hands. Mr Goodwin was regretting his words and actions to what he did to Mr Burt. Mr Burt started laughing and giggling while Mr Goodwin was feeling disappointed in himself.

The End!

Task Description
For this writing we had to write a creative narrative about Mr Goodwin. Mr Goodwin has gone to Chicago so we decided to write a funny story about what could happen in Chicago. Read my Narrative Story above to understand what I am talking about.

Thursday, 28 June 2018

Term 2 Inquiry Research

This Term, We were splitted into groups of 3. We had to do a lot of research to back up what we were going to say at the Paideia Seminar. Simon, Levonah and I had a fun time working and thinking together as a group.

How much did he spend?

Walt: Convert USD to NZD with multiplication.

Task Description
We had to convert USD to NZD with multiplication. Mr Goodwin has gone to Chicago so this week we are going to be learning a lot about america but it will also be related to our work. Hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Reviews about Games

WALT:identify the main points in the text

Task Description
For this fun task we got to to go on Cool math's Games for ten minutes and played one game for the limited time. We had to try and collect as much information for our review by playing the game. After that we had to write an a review about the game we played. I played Color Circles. If you want to know more about my review check out my presentation above.

Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Is it too big?

Walt: calculate perimeter and length of a rectangle.

Task Description
We had to add the centimeters to get the total perimeter of the sandwiches. I used Multiplication and Addition to work out the equation.This was really fun and cool to do.

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Matariki Day Recount!

Walt: structure a recount

Have you ever had your school celebrate a day about Matariki? Well Pt England School took a day off school work last Friday and started having fun, it was a day full of enthusiasm. Read on to find out more about our Matariki day.

After Assembly, we were bursting to find out who was in our group and what group we were in. Miss Parrant shouted out “ Pisirina, Eden and Chance go to the Staff room because you are in My Kai Rules.” I jumped into thrillness because my two friends were with me in my group. I went speed walking to the Staff Room and found 15 other people power walking towards the Office.

At the Office, Miss Flavelle, Mrs Sorenson, Mrs McMillan and Miss Takerei gave us stickers with our names on it so that they can remember our names. We got splitted into 3 stations and did 3 different things. Eden,Ayvah,Danielle,John, Rangimaria, Rozaida and I were with Mrs McMillan’s station. We made Chocolate Fudge Slices. It was Deliciously Tasty.

Mrs McMillan gave us a laminated list with ingredients and instructions. We all read out “Chocolate fudge Slices.” We were reading out the ingredients and putting the ingredients on top of the small table. Finally we were ready to bake! My favourite thing to do during the process of baking is melting the butter. It was so satisfying and it smelled nice when Eden and I were melting the butter.

We then were adding in the ingredients.Ayvah and John splatted the mixture of all the ingredients onto a parchment paper and tray. Then we carefully threw it into the Refrigerator that was in the Staffroom. After that, MKR group spent 15 minutes creating a plate for us to take home. On that plate there was fruit kebabs, egg and parsley sandwiches, ham sandwiches, chocolate chip cookies and Chocolate fudge slices. All the treats on our plate were made by the MKR group.

Finally we finished up and had to go to the hall to have a assembly to show what some of our groups in our whole school have done. We were chosen by Mr Burt to go up the stage and present our creation which was our food plate to the whole school. Zaeeda grabbed the microphone and described what was on our plates. It was a very good description of our plates.

At the end of the day, I think everyone in my group would agree with me and say that it was Amazingly awesome. We were so blessed that we got to make all sorts of yummy treats. I can not wait until next year to do this again.

Task Description
For this task we had to write a recount about Last friday the 8th of June. We wrote about how interesting or fun our day was. This was really tiring to write because our class doesn't like recounts . Read my whole story above to find out how the 8th of June went.

Tuesday, 12 June 2018


Last Friday, we stayed after school and had a sleepover! It was super fun and full of chaos. I can't wait til next year to do this again.

Area Design

Waltcalculate perimeter and length of a rectangle.

Task Description
We created and designed a pool, chicken pen and a handball court. It was very cool that we had to calculate our own drawings. I hope you enjoy my creation and maths presentation.

Monday, 28 May 2018

Designing and figuring the perimeter

Walt: Design and figure out the perimeter of your drawing.

Task Description
This week we are learning to design and figure out the perimeter of an object or thing. I was asked to do a design and figure out the perimeter. This was a confusing but challenging, I liked how it really challenged my brain and made me think critically. 

Friday, 25 May 2018

Why a motorbike can't fly

Walt: apply what we already know to new information.

Task Description
For this task we had to write what a motorbike needs to be able to fly. If you want to know what they need to be able to fly, just check my presentation above. I had a lot of fun doing this task.

Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Bats Poster

Walt: apply what we already know to new information.

Task Description
For this task we had to read a text about bats and write what a bat is and how it flies in our own words. I have typed down 3 facts about how they fly. I drew my own picture of a bat above in my poster.

Monday, 21 May 2018

Scout the Perimeter

Walt: calculate perimeter and length of a rectangle.

Task Description
This is the second time I have done this task. Same as last time you have to add all the measurement and that is the total of your perimeter. If you want to see my last presentation click on here.

Shapes on shapes 2

Walt: Recognise shapes and sides.

Task Description

For this task we had to do all sorts of things with shape. We had to count the sides of the shape on the first slide. On the second slide we had to figure out how many sides these shapes have. On the third and fourth we had to match the prefix and  name the common shapes.

Calculate the Area

Walt: calculate the perimeter and the length of a rectangle.

Calculate the area task was very easy. It was very easy because I have already had practise doing this type of work with Mr Goodwin and with my maths group. If you are wanting to know how to wor the area of an shape, check out my work above.

Cybersmart Attributed Images

Walt: Attribute allowed images

Task Description: Today we learned to attribute images from google. This is a cute picture of a dog, but next to it is a Image Attribution link. I am still learning to attribute images we are prohibited to use.

Adding perimeters

Walt: calculate the perimeter and length of a rectangle.

Task Description: For this task we had to calculate the perimeter of the shape. If you want to know how to calculate the perimeter of a shape, feel free to take a look at my presentation above. This was confusing at first but now I know that I completely understand the strategy.

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

I made something in 5 days ?!?!

Walt: write using descriptive language.

Task Description
This task was a very fun task because we got to make up our own inventions. We first created our invention picture on sumo paint. Then we had to write a narrative story about our creations. I had a great time doing this task a lot and I wish that we could more of this in the future.

Friday, 11 May 2018

Mirror the shape

Walt:  Recognise shapes and sides.

This is a mirroring problem. I had to mirror the image with the polyline. It was hard to make it as symmetrical as I could but no-one is perfect.

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

How the Pt England Airways fly

Walt: use information from across multiple sources

Task Description: This term our topic is " I like to move it !". We are learning what make object fly like an aeroplane. Above I have explained what are the four forces of flight what they do. This was a lot of work because I had to do lots of research so I could understand each of the forces of flight. Thanks to Mr Goodwin for creating this amazing Pt England Airways.

Thursday, 3 May 2018

The adventures at the movies

Walt: write using descriptive language.

Task Description: Instead of writing about our holidays. We decided to spice it up by making it kind of like a fiction story. Also we included a pick a path story in our presentation. I hope that you enjoy what I wrote.

Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Symmetry in drawing shapes

Walt: recognise shapes and sides.

Task Description: I had to mirror some images and draw it. I tried my best to make it symmetrical. This was very hard to make it look the same. All of the images were asymmetrical but at least I tried my best.

Geometry shapes

Walt: Recognise shapes and sides.

Task Description: This few weeks we are focusing on Geometry. For this task we had to number the sides, figure out how many sides these shapes have, what are the shapes and match the prefix.  All of these shapes were very common and familiar to me. This made sense to me.

Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Extension DLO

Task Description: This is a DLO that I did during Extension. I was in the Auckland City Council group. The equipment and apps we used were a camera,tripod,Imac and Imovie to create the movie on the 2nd slide. I hope you enjoy!

Saturday, 21 April 2018

What I do when I am bored


Here are a few things you should do when you are bored. Hopefully you will enjoy and take my advice of 3 things to do when you are bored. Feel free to leave a cyber smart comment about anything. Have a happy and safe weekend. Goodbye!

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Just Work hard - This is me Cover

This is me Cover - Just work hard.
Verse 1
I’m in my class trying to focus,
All around me, people are chitter chattering.
I’ve learnt to stay away from those students,
Stay away I say, Distraction Isn't the way,

But just because they are chattering,
Doesn’t mean that I can do the same.
For we are outstanding.

When the problem solvings are too hard,
I’m gonna use my brain, I’m gonna work it out
We are smart, We are clever, We are who we’re meant to be.
This is me!
Homework, here I come,
I’m gonna finish it off properly.
I will strive to succeed, I make lots of mistakes.
This is Me!

Oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh, oh, oh

Verse 2
Another round of homework hits my brain.
We’ll figure it out, cause today laziness just won’t sink in.
We are finishing off our projects and posting it on our blogs.
We are bloggers! Yeah that’s our specialties ( That’s our specialties).

But, Term 1 is close to finishing, We have to try our best today
For we are outstanding.

When there’s too much work to finish off
I’m gonna work hard to succeed.
I am smart, I am clever I am who I’m meant to be
This is me!
Homework, here I come,
I’m gonna finish it off properly.
I will strive to succeed, I make lots of mistakes.
This is me!

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

My Dream Bedroom

WALT: Write an interesting piece of descriptive writing, using adjectives, to describe our dream bedroom to our blog audience. 

Task Description: We had to go on a website and design our dream bedrooms. Then we had to take screenshots of parts of our bedrooms and write a descripition about it. The presentation above will have some pictures and a description about my dream bedroom.

Monday, 9 April 2018


Walt: Animate a animation about Respect.

Task Description: This term's theme is Kaitiakitanga i nga wa katoa, So for our animation we have to animate characters. In the movie above I have done 3 animations about Respect for class, peers and school.You can also hear my voice and some music in the background. If you listen to my voice I can tell you what the animation is telling you and what the story is about .
The main message is Respect every living and non living thing around you.

Friday, 6 April 2018

NRL Meters 2 (Gold medal problem)

Walt: understand different measurement units

Task Description: The presentation above has questions. We had to solve them using our division, multiplication and addition.This is also another Running meters problem.

Thursday, 5 April 2018

My new Chocolate wrapper ?

Walt: Write a opinion piece.

Task Description: Earlier we had to taste chocolate. I had Peppermint chocolate (EEWW), That means I had to create a new wrapper for the chocolate I tasted. Above you will see what I have created. Mr Goodwin did a great job for making this fun.


Walt: Write a opinion piece.

This product reminded me of eating chocolate, but with toothpaste.

This product is made by Cadbury. The name of the chocolate is Peppermint. The Cadbury product is with milk chocolate and mint injected in the middle of each square.

As soon as I picked up the chocolate, I could already smell the mint trying to explode out of the milk chocolate. My first thought when I bit into the chocolate was okay, then my taste buds touched the mint. It felt like I was brushing my teeth with chocolate! This was not a great mix. Basically, what I’m trying to say is it tasted like chocolate toothpaste.

How you can make your product better is if you calm down with the peppermint or you could just put no filling at all. Another advice to help your product boost is to maybe switch milk chocolate to dark chocolate. So Cadbury, if you’re reading this, here’s some advice and PLEASE sponsor me.

To all the people who haven’t tasted Peppermint chocolate, I would not recommend this chocolate for you. The mint and the milk chocolate just doesn’t taste and mix well together. However Cadbury, if you take my advice, I promise you this chocolate will be the number one selling chocolate in New Zealand.

Task Description: Being a food critic? We were finally able to do some writing(YES!!). We ate some mystery chocolate that we may or may not have had before (I have had this chocolate before). We had to use our senses. The chocolate I had was Peppermint, it was not the best. This is my review on Cadbury's Peppermint Chocolate. Cadbury I'm sorry for the complaints but please sponsor me!
I hope you learnt something new from this blog post!

Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Ordering Units 2

Walt: understand different measurement units

Task Description: This is another ordering units poster. We used google drawings to make this happen.We had to order the measurement from smallest to largest. In this task, I really had to think.

NRL Meters

Walt: understand different measurement units.

Task Description: We made a copy of a presentation. We answered the questions on the problem solving.Hope you enjoy.

Friday, 30 March 2018


Walt:We will remember them
Walt: Be kind to the people around you.

Task Description: I made a copy of a google drawing that is above. I tried my hardest to make this poster have Easter vibes.Remember that Easter isn't about chocolate Easter eggs but it is a good excuse for eating as much chocolate as you want. Easter is about loving, remembering and thanking the ones who have sacrificed things for you. Overall the main message is,
Happy Easter Holiday!

Thursday, 29 March 2018

Blast off!

Walt:Walt: understand different measurement units

Task Description: I made a copy of a presentation and read that questions that our math's teacher typed down.Then was answer time we had to figure out the answer by using the question and information that is already there.

Measuring Problems

Walt: understand different measurement units

Task Description: We made a copy of this presentation. We carefully read the questions that our math's teacher, Mr Goodwin. Then we had to answer the question by writing our working and strategy at the bottom rectangle. We also had to multiply,divide and convert measurement to get the answer.

Environment Crusaders

Walt: use information from across multiple sources.

Task Description: We read a book called Mahinga Kai Crusaders. If you are interested, this is a link to the online reading . Mr Goodwin has made a presentation for the follow-up task. We answered the questions that Mr Goodwin has typed down. I learnt that in order to get the correct answer you have rephrase the question then write your answer to be very specific.The last slide has a link that you can click to go onto Simon's Website.

Care for the environment Poster.

Walt: scan text for relevant information.

Task Description: For this task, we had to read first before we create a poster for the fish limits. I then moved onto the create step which was creating a poster. After I finshed creating, all I had to do was post on my blog.  We used google drawings to create this poster. I created this poster because there are fish and shellfish that are slowly sunning out and we want to stop that so that us children can have fish for our kids and other generations.

What is a Reti?

Walt: scan text for relevant information

Task Description: We had to read this text, in order to go onto the next step. Which was, we had to make a copy of a google drawing and create what a Reti is. We also had to label each part of the Reti. I am very sorry that you have to see my horrible drawing.

Advice for catching Kaimoana

Walt: use information from across multiple sources.

Task Description: We had to read a text and answer these questions. If you are having some trouble catching fish this is something for you. I tried my best to answer every question. Hopefully you use my advice. If you do, please comment. Enjoy!

Don't be Shellfish!

Walt: scan text for relevant information.

Task Description: For this task we had read and scan some information about some 'people'. We had to figure out if they disagree or agree with the Fishing limits. At the end of the slide we had to write some information about us with our experience with Shellfish. Hope you enjoyed!

Monday, 26 March 2018

Measure the problem.

Walt: Understand different measurement units.

Task Description: In our presentation we had to convert all sorts of measurement. I had to use division and Multiplication to work out the answers. I definitely learnt and understood the measurement units in the Problem Solving.

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Dear Mr Goodwin ( Thank you Letter)

WALT: Structure a thank you note.
Walt: Show Gratitude.
Room 7
Pt England School
14 March, 2018

Dear Mr Goodwin,

I am writing a letter to you because I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for organising this camp all by yourself, for this being your first time I think you did amazing. You did a great job of making everyone have fun. I did not see a single frown at Camp because that’s how fun every year 5&6 student had.

One of my highlights was the food. Not only was it the food but I liked how we had to work as a team to get our meals. While we were eating our food, I also liked how some people were very vulnerable and brave enough to go up in the front and sing a song to entertain us. The best thing was if you got up to sing you get points for your group.

My other highlight is Kayaking with Mr Burt. It was so fun and tiring because it was the first activity for our group. Our group was Rapid Recyclers A.K.A the best group. First I was in a double kayak with Deborah just for a warm-up then I was ready to be by myself. I think I was as good as my older brother when he was a yr 5&6 maybe even better. Hehe! Anyways Kayaking was Fantastic.

Once again just thank you for sorting out camp. Without you and the other teachers this wouldn’t be possible. This was my favourite camp so far. You did a great job for this being your first time. Did you also know your an amazing Team leader, Maybe even better than Mr Somerville, Who knows? We are all very thankful for you, Mr Goodwin. Keep doing what you always do because it puts a smile on my face and on other faces too.

Yours Sincerely,


Task Description: If you have seen my other Thank you Letter, this is another one. I wish I could do a billion more of these because lots of people participated in helping the camp happen. Unfortunately I don't have enough time. This is dedicated to Mr Goodwin my teacher. Enjoy!

Photos Below!

Estimate and Measure (Silver Medal Problem)

Walt: Understand different measurement units.

Task Description: We had to estimate or measure the object with a ruler, as you can see on all of the slides. On the slides there are different lengths of objects. This time we learnt about centimeters.

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Dear Miss Haare (Thank you letter)

Walt: Structure a Thank You Note.

Room 7
Pt England School
12 March, 2018

Dear Miss Haare,

Thank you for entertaining us during breakfast, Dinner and Most of all the camp concert. Another thing to thank you is for supervising us at the pools everyday. We had a good time during Camp concert mostly because of your challenges you have planned for everyone. We are very thankful that you were there for us.

One of my highlights from camp was Sliding games with Mr Somerville. I enjoyed it because we got to do some games but also worked as a team. We also got some lollies! The best thing was Slip-n-Slide because we had fun while washing our clothes with washing liquid and water.

Another highlight was staying up late with eden in our tent. It was very fun and scary because Mr Somerville and Chris (Rangimaria dad) were right next to us talking to each other. Me and Eden were on the whisper zone which was hard for us because we were sneaking chocolates in our mouths.

Once again thank you for making up some games for camp concert especially the Bum aerobics, that was brilliant. A big thank you for helping the Rapid Recyclers dance become more amazing. You have awesome dancing skills. We thank you for taking some time off so you can help us on camp.

Yours Sincerely


Task Description: We just finished Camp! We didn't want to do a recount so we are doing a Thank You Letter. This is dedicated to Haare, because she did a lot of things for camp. Haare is a helper at Pt England School, She is very special to all of us at PES. Thank You Miss Haare for Helping organising this Camp.

Photos Below!

This was my groups item for Camp Concert. I am the girl in the red hat and black pants.

Monday, 12 March 2018

Odering units

Walt: understand different measurement units

Task Description: We had to put the units of measurment in order from smallest to largest. It didn't take long to finish this problem. This was nice and easy to solve.

Converting measurements? ( Silver medal problem)

Task Description: This week we are finally changing what we are learning about. Measurement is what we are learning. This was confusing at first but it became easy. I learnt a lot of things. We just converted mm into cm and cm into mm. Overall it was so easy.

Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Getting Excited!

Walt: use what we already know to make meaning within a story.

Task Description: We are getting excited for camp this week because Camp is tommorrow! Yay We can't wait until we go on Camp. In my presentation, I have reviewed 3 different people that are in Yr 8 or is already gone to College. You can Check out their blogs if you just click on their name that is on the Left Corner.

Friday, 23 February 2018

Angire the Pokemon

WALT: reflect on the world around us.

Task Description: At my school Pokemon cards are very popular. If you don't what a Pokemon card is,  it is at the bottom of this blog post. Anyways, because these cards are very popular for us, our teacher thought that we should create our own Pokemon cards. I thought that was a great idea. We are also thinking of some rules so that when we play with the Pokemon cards it is a fair game.

All about my group

Walt: follow instructions and present work to a high standard.

Task Description: On our amazing Team 4 site I am in the Imacs reading group.We had to write about what is a Imac. The 2 main focuses for me were What is an Imac and What does it have to do with my learning. Hopefully by the end of this presentation you have learnt a lot about Imacs.