Wednesday, 12 December 2018

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The year six’s went to Camp Bentzon on Kawau Island with a few parent helpers and the teachers. Starting from Tuesday 2oth of November to Friday 23 of November. It was awesome! Read on to find out what we did on our Journey at Camp.

Firstly, we all arrived in the hall at approximately 7 o’clock to 7: 25 am. It involved a lot of listening and sitting around. There were two buses that had our luggage in it already, waiting for us. We got split up and went on the two buses. I was sitting next to my friend Jahzara. Jahzara and I were trying to sleep but everyone was talking and some people were even eating lollies. We finally arrived at Sandspit where we had our morning tea.

We were at Sandspit for our ride on the ferry to get to the wharf on Kawau Island. My friends and I sat at the same area at the top of the ferry where most of the year six’s were. We were enjoying the majestic view of the Ocean while singing disney songs that were perfect for the scenery. The girls got moved at the bottom of the ferry so the boys could perform their haka to the Peter and Erin the managers of Camp Bentzon. While we were down there me and Marika played the famous scene from Titanic while the both of us were sing ‘My heart will go on’ by Celine Dion. We were outside at the front of the ferry when the boys started performing.

After a lot of carrying the things for Camp around, we started to get ready for the Killer Hill hike. It was as dreadful as its name. It wasn’t even a hill or a mountain, it was a gateway to death! Once we reached the top we had two people that were Chance and Marika say a speech and put a rock each, on top of the other rocks that were already there called a kiel. We had to walk even more which I don’t want to talk about because we were just walking. We had a break and ate our lunch. We walked,walked,walked,walked then we hiked,hiked,hiked all the way back. I ended up seeing lots of Wallaby and Weka poop and I ended up having a scratch and a scar stuck around my shin. I was so glad that I didn’t die on that hill and I am surprised that I survived the mountain.

The rest of the day we had free time. I played volleyball and set up my cabin. I was with Levonah,Marika,Jahzara and Eden, the most messiest crew I have ever encountered. For camp groups I was in Mansion A with Marika and Benjamin as our leaders. I didn’t swim at the beach that day because of my leg but I still managed to not be lonely.  For Dinner we had roast potatoes,beef, veggies and gravy. We also had dessert which was yummy! We then watched a movie after dinner and Dessert.

We watched a movie called The Princess bride. It was really funny and weird. Sometimes I had to say ‘ Keep it PG mate!’ because they had direct touch with their lips which was a nightmare but, luckily I turned my head to the back and covered my ears. Ewwwwwww!, was what I thought. It was an amazing movie, I suggest you to watch this movie but when you are 15 or 16 years old.

It was a new morning and I woke up before the bugle went. I woke up my cabin mates to get ready for our fitness run because they were still in their PJ’s. The bugle went off. Everyone bursted out of their cabins and ran outside near the volleyball area. We stretched and waited for others. We then went for the run in the fitness trail that was on the island. I ran with Inga. When we finished our run, I came back to our cabin with a fresh graze on my right knee. Moral of that day was to be more careful when running down hill.

We ate breakfast which was normal but delicious. After, we got ready for our activities we had today. We had Abseiling first,Kayaking,Raft building and lastly Bivouac. It was an awesome combination for today since the weather was rainy and sunny. Now onto my Abseiling adventure.

We were putting on the harness and helmet. Te Paia and I was scared so we became the scared buddies. We walked on the fitness trail to go to where the abseiling tower was. So many questions about death crossed my mind. Later on, it was finally my turn. I climbed on the side of the tower where the handles were. I was questioning Haare and Egan about what happened if fall?, stuff like that was what I was worried about. Before I knew I reached the top, it was like magic! Maddy ( Idk how to spell her name) was calming down because I was in panic mode when I looked down the tower, I saw my teammates and the helpers giving me a thumbs up. I breathed in and out to calm me down. Maddy told me to shuffle my feet down onto the edge, as I was on the edge I felt like I was falling, I told Maddy “ I’m gonna fall, miss!” when really my back leant back a tiny bit. So anti-climatic! Afterwards, I made it to the ground by shuffling my feet down and leaning back until my bottom was the same length as my feet. Egan asked me how I felt and I replied with I FEEL ALIVE! At the end I really was alive.

Morning tea was finished so Mr Jacobsen played the bugle and everyone went quickly under shelter in the porch and waited for Mr Goodwin to send us off to our activity. The next rotation was Kayaking, I had some experience in this activity but, apparently needed some help. What I needed help with was using the right end of the paddle to scoop the water out of the way. It was sprinkling and raining  ( My mom said it was SPWINKLIN’) while we were kayaking. We were lucky enough to be with Haare, Egan,Mr Sommerville and our Kayak Instructor Erin. I managed to keep up at the front despite the weather and the waves. I was so proud of myself for kayaking three kilometers, I was also tired too.

The bugle played and that meant it was time for lunch eating. I was still wet and we had another wet activity so I wore a towel around my waist so my wet shorts won’t wet the chair. We had an appetizing lunch which was Hot dogs with toppings. A few minutes after we finished eating, the bugle played again. Mansion A is on Raft Building now!

Rafts building is what we were going to do next. We had to make a raft using hard plastic barrels, ropes and long wooden sticks. The point of this activity is to work together to make the raft float on the ocean. Mansion A split into two groups. Boys vs Girls in Raft Construction, Haare was with the boys and Egan with the girls. We were lucky enough to have Egan on our side because he is an engineer. We built a raft with four barrels and a lot of the sticks and ropes to hold the barrels in place. Lastly, it was time to test if the raft could float. We dragged and lifted the heavy raft onto the ocean, it floated! Marika and Nevayah jumped onto the raft and used one of the long sticks to paddle the raft all the way to the pontoon. We then decided to swim all the way to the pontoon and do some bombs off the pontoon. As we were we playing in the water we saw other people in a different camp group doing sailing. Overall, I was so happy that we were probably the only group that made our raft float the whole way.

We had some free time so I decided to get ready for Bivouac. Free time was over so we decided to move onto our next activity, Bivouac. For Bivouac we had to go behind the Abseiling tower to where the Bivouac building was held. Marika and I teamed up to make our own bivouac while the rest of the group teamed up altogether. The two of us had an disadvantage since the other group had more people so we had a little help from Egan. We first looked for a space to create our little shed at. We found a spot on the opposite side of our opponent. It was now time for building.

I would like to thank my parents for paying the fee of the camp. I also would like to say thank you to the parent helpers and the teachers that came to camp and juggled a lot of things in camp. A big thanks to Mrs Flavelle and Mr Burt for the hard work for making this camp still go on! I appreciate the amazing work that everyone put into this camp to make it happen.

I enjoyed everything at camp but I think Abseiling and Concourse stood out for me the most. I learnt that fears are just in your head and that your brain tries to make things scary when really it is not. If there are some people that don’t get along, I highly suggest to put them in a Camp ( Not Camp Green Lake) or a space together for four days, it works! Overall, I enjoyed that camp with my friends, it brought us together as a close family. I will never forget this precious memory that is now in my heart.

Task Description
This is just a recount of our 4 days off at year six Camp. I didn't get to finish this but I will surely finish this off in the holidays! Enjoy!

I am the girl with a black hat and a grey jumper.

Thursday, 6 December 2018

Term 4 Extension DLO Research

This term is all about Jewellery and Art. We didn't have much time for this term so we did the best we could to research lots of information about our topic. I was in a group with three year six's and they were my friends too! I had a fun time since this terms topic was something I could manage with.

Reflection about this year and term!

My reflection about this term. Term 4 was a very busy and fun time of the year. Very stressful but I made it through the year. We did and learnt a lot of things. We had a disadvantage so we were behind on our DLO’s because of our one week off at Kawau Island but my group and I managed to finish our movie on time. My favourite thing we did this term was using 3d pens to create 3d jewellery. Our paideia seminar was probably the best seminar I’ve ever had or experienced.

This whole year was a journey. We had an opportunity to go to the Pacific Exhibition Museum. We had a fun time using 3D pens. Our Paideia Seminars were scary but fun to do since I had more experience than the year 5’s. We had an awesome trip to gravity as an extension group. If I were to describe this whole year in extension with one word I would probably say ‘ Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious’

Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Cave Art ( Term 4 Animation )

Walt: show short fiction ancient stories through art back then.

Task Description

Welcome to Ancient Art Story-time with Pisirina. A long time ago, there was a small tribe that lived in a small country named South Korea. In their village there was a big mighty animal that was a king of a forest near their village. It was a wild Boar. The small tribe only  had 4 people until their tribe leader had been killed by the beast and the reason is well, you can read it on the screen. Anyway, that didn’t stop them from killing the beast. At night, they made a plan by killing the boar while it was asleep. Everything was going well until Luke had to ruin it by stepping a small branch.  It wasn’t that loud but it was loud enough to wake up the creature. Yay!, they finally killed the Boar with three spears. Luke and his friends moved the creature to a campfire they prepared before. They roasted the Boar and ate the roasted pork. That is the end of the short Ancient Art Story-time with Pisirina. Hope you enjoyed my crazy movie!

Tuesday, 30 October 2018


Walt:write a succesful recount.

This was the best morning I’ve ever had so far! You must be wondering why?, well it’s because I got to do some revenge. Revenge with a little help from two deputy principles and my friends on the year six teachers. Read on to find out what happened this morning.

The day started off with a normal vibe, we knew we had something to do but didn’t know what activity we were going to do. The three year six classes walked outside to the porch to get ready for their new adventure. In two long lines, the classes walked through the school to get to their destination. Once we arrived at the bottom field there were nine buckets filled with water and one sponge in each. Mr Sommerville and Mr Jacobson told us to line up in three lines for each class, in total there were nine uneven lines. Lastly, the instruction were told to us and slowly a big smirk crawled up to each of the students face.

The nine students that were at the front walked up to the buckets to aim and fire at their teacher. The whole field was filled with laughter. I had about four turns for throwing at Mr Goodwin but ended up missing two shots. It was hilarious how the three sponges were hitting one teacher at the same time. My accuracy wasn’t that good but it was good enough to hit him right on the stomach. A few hits were very funny especially Paschal’s hit, the sponge he threw landed and hit a part, you know what?, I’ll just leave it up to your imagination. I was very sorry for Mr Goodwin as the hits were very harsh (In my vision at least),but that’s what you get for coming up with the idea!

After all the sponges were thrown and the teachers had time to breathe, the three best throwers in the three classes were invited to come up to the front. Paschal,Loseti and Chance were the best and they had the honours to get a bucket each and dump it on the teacher. Chance went first and dumped it right on top of Mr Goodwin’s head, we all watched in awe looking at our teacher getting even more soaking wet. Paschal threw the water out of the bucket onto Mr Goodwin but instead missed. We were all bummed while Mr Goodwin was sitting there on the chair looking happy. Loseti gently turned over the bucket and made the bucket land on his head with the water just dripped down from his head to toes. That was very fun except for the bit when Paschal missed the target!

Overall, that was one of the most funniest activity I have had with my friends! Although, I missed a few shots at the victim and Paschal failed to make us proud by wetting our teacher I had an awesome time. Maybe next time Mr Goodwin will be the one to make us suffer with a harsher revenge, who knows.

Task Description
This writing was originally for our writing test last week but because we had an amazing time we decided to post this writing on our blog. This was an awesome experience/time with our classmates. Hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Blindfolded for the morning?!?

Walt: write a proper recount
Have you ever thought about what it would be like if you were blind? Well, room seven did something similar to that. I should probably stop writing now just in case I leak some juicy information, but if you want to find out just keep reading to find out what happened.

It was writing time that means it was time for a walk to the field and a fun experience coming towards us. First we had to get ready to do our mystery experience. We took a few minutes because Chance was taking forever to put her shoes on. Room seven finally arrived at the playground in the school and sat down, we were eager to find out what we were going to do. After hearing the instructions we got into buddies for the task. I was so glad that my buddy was Chance and that we were going to be blindfolded around the place.

Now it was time for me to lead the blindfolded Chance around the playground. Before doing anything else I had to check if she could see anything. After making sure she couldn’t see anything, I lead her towards somewhere she could climb up. I was so scared because she is my friend and I didn’t want anything bad to happen to her. She was alright so I was relieved when she didn’t hurt herself. Most of the time I was laughing at her making a fool of herself, you should’ve seen her trying to do the monkey bars! Looking back, I should’ve asked Mr Goodwin or one of the teachers to take a video of her.

After all the laughter, it was finally my turn. Chance put the dark blindfold over my eyes and tightened it in a knot. The only thing I could see was moving patterns even though my eyes were blinded by fabric. The first place Chance took me was the monkey bars, I recognized it straight away since I was familiar with the place. Once, Chance and I reenacted a scene from Titanic (The one where it's Jack and Rose at the edge of the boat holding each other). The most scariest bit of my adventure was walking across from one side to another side on a chained bridge. I was screaming every time I took a step. Overall, I was glad I didn’t die.

This morning did not go as I thought it would go. It seemed like a chill day but it turned into a rollercoaster ride instead. Even though Chance looked like a fool and I luckily didn’t die I had a great morning experience. I would definitely suggest you to do this with your class if they are responsible enough.

Task Description
We are practising how to write a proper recount so we can prepare for our writing test coming up. Our experience was really cool and I can't wait to see what other experiences we will get to experience. I really enjoy writing a recount now!