Friday, 25 September 2020

Shark & Octopus - Animation 2020

This is my animation for term 3 2020! This term's animation is about Myths and Legends.

The differnce between Myths and Legends is that Legends are traditional stories that have been passed down through generations and is really exaggerated. Myths are just a made up story. Both usually have a moral behind the story. 

My animation is why it is safe to swim and fish in Kamatuvú. Watch my movie above, to find out more!

Thursday, 24 September 2020

(As I saw it) - History 2020

Task Description
Continuing onto my past few "As I see it" inquiry work stuff. We are learning about some history in New Zealand. Such as the first day of James Cook and the Endeavour arriving in Aotearoa. We got given a random card that had an item on it. The item correlated with a person. The person I had which is Taiata, had a terrible life, being a 12 year old who was kidnapped from his own home. One of the tasks. I had to do was to write in the perspective of the item you were given. I enjoyed it very much. Check it out in the slides above!

Start of Algebra! - Maths 2020

The first two slide in my prestation was to quickly revise on my measurement that we did recently and just things to touch base on as we only have a term left of school at Pt England. We finally moved onto Algebra! I enjoyed this topic of maths last year. My neural pathways were really strong when it came to this topic so I immediately knew what to do for Number Patterns. This made it really easy for me to solve.  Enjoy! 

Ko wai ō hoa? - Maori 2020


In the task above we learnt a new maori phrase. The phrase is asking "Who are your friends?" Which can be changed to teachers and parents. It was a fun maori session with my maori class. Enjoy!

Signing my name - 2020

Task Description
This week is New Zealand Sign Language Week. This is our 3rd official language in New Zealand. I learnt the Alphabet in NZSL In the task above, I had to sign my name by finger-spelling. Enjoy!

Thursday, 17 September 2020

Volumetric Problem - Maths 2020

On wednesday, we did a little DMIC task. It was about volum. The task was to make a box by cutting the corners of a square. We had to figure out what was the maximum possible volume? We did this by grouping up, and choosing different numbers to cut up. Check the slides above to see more!

Tuesday, 15 September 2020

Kei te pehea te ahua o te rangi? - Maori 2020

Task Description
For tbis weeks maori lesson, we learnt a new group of words to describe the weather. I also learnt how to use it in a daily phrase. See the presentation above, to see what i've learnt today. Enjoy!