Saturday, 7 July 2018

My Art work!

This is a something I did yesterday afterschool, I created a graffiti art. I used this website called Graffiti Creator. I created my name.

Update on my Holiday!

This is just an update on how my holiday is going. I made this with my 2 friends Leilani and Jahzara. I hope you enjoy what we made!

Friday, 6 July 2018

Yes it's that time of the year!

Yes it is nearly Term 2 holidays. I will post sometimes in the holidays but don't worry cause I will be posting schoolwork in 2 weeks. But for now, See you later!

Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Term 2 Four Forces of Flight Animation

For this animation I had to describe how a bird flies using the four forces of flight. This terms topic is I like to move it. So we had to do some research about what our animation is. Hope you enjoy my animation!

Savage Dude and the Grannny!

Walt: write from a certain perspective

Once upon a time, there was a Little boy named The Little Grey Savage dude. Recently Little Savage dude’s Mother passed away. So Little Savage dude was living with his Grandma Gina while his Dad was on a world tour. One day, Savage dude’s Dad, Jin came back from the world tour he was on. Savage dude was very happy that his dad came back. Granny was really sick on that day, so Jin wanted to surprise her with a delicious but deadly meal.

Dude’s Mum’s mother was Granny Gina. Jin blamed Gina for his wife’s death. So he made soup and bread. His key ingredient was poison. “ Hahahahahaha, finally this is what Gina deserves” said Jin maniacally. “ Little Savage, come here I have a job for you to do” exclaimed Jin to Savage. “ Here are some treats for your Grandma, go up the mountains to get to her cottage, oh and by the way Don’t talk to strangers” said Jin.

Savage dude went with the basket of ‘goodies’ to Grannies house. Dude went grouching to the mountains. Savage Dude brought his phone so he could take some instagram pictures and snapchat. While using the snapchat filters, A wolf stopped Little Savage before he could hike up the mountain to get to Gina’s cottage. “ Hello little boy, what do you have in that basket there” asked The Wired Wolf. Grey Savage continued to listen to his music with his headphones. “ Hi, Aloha , Gosh Talofa Lava, How rude of him not to speak to me.” Shouted Mr Wolf angrily, Savage dude took off his headphones and saw that a Wolf was in front of him when he was walking. Grey Sassily Questioned The Wolf“ What do you want? Can you move, I need to deliver this goodies to Granny Gina? ”.

Suddenly the Wired Wolf’s nose started twitching, Wired knew that there was something bad about those treats, he knew that the only thing that makes him twitch his nose is deadly poison. Not only that but Gina is Wolfies best friend. Wolfie bolted up the mountain and down the mountain to get to Gina’s cottage. Wolf opened the door and slammed the door really tight. Wired was huffing and puffing heavily, luckily he didn’t blow the house down because this would be the wrong story. Anyways, Wolfie explained why he rushed in here so quickly. Before Gina could say anything, the Wolf shoved Gina in the cupboard.

The Wolf ran straight into the bed and under the sheets. Grey Savage knocked on the door and lazily said “ It’s your grandson, Little Grey Savage Dude.” “ Ok my child, come in” voiced Mr Wolf as Granny. Savage Dude gasped “ Grandma what big ears you have?” Wolf replied with “ Better to hear you my dear, now come closer so I can hear you little voice’’ “ But Grandmother, What big eyes you have?” whimpered Dude. Wolfie answered “ Big eyes? Why, yes the better to see you with my darling, now Closer.” Savage was getting really worried and said “ But Granny Gina, What big teeth you have?” Wolfie Shouted “ Of course Sweet Dear the better to eat you.”The Wolf gulped Little Grey Savage Dude in one swallow. The Wolf didn’t regret one single moment. They all lived happily ever after!

Task Description
For this task we had to write a story about Little red riding hood with a twist. It was really fun to write and brainstorm ideas for this story. Read my story above and feel free to comment a cybersmart comment down below!

Sunday, 1 July 2018

Come on a Tour with me!

Walt:use information from across multiple sources.

Task Description
For this task we had to go on Google maps and explore Chicago and take screenshots so we can write about it. I changed this task up a bit and instead of just wondering around the City on Google Maps. I decided to go on a tour to a bunch of cool and beautiful places in Chicago. Hope you enjoy the Tour around Chicago!

Mario Poster!

Walt: Learn about the History of Mario and Video Games.

Task Description
For this task we had to read a long text about Mario. We also got to create a Mario on 8 bit art and we had to create something like a Poster to show our drawing and a few facts about Mario and what we learnt.