Thursday, 23 March 2017

Year 5&6 Camp

Last week, I was so lucky to be camping on our school grounds with Team 4.  We were having our 27th Annual camp on the 8th to the 10th of March.

We did a lot of fun activities at camp like Kayaking, Killer zone, Camp concert, Basketball and many others. We did Kayaking with Mr Burt and other helpers, Killer zone was with Mr Jacobsen and Camp concert with the some family member’s as the audience. I know what you may be thinking, what in the world is Killer zone,well just wait and see.

Killer zone is a obstacle course that includes our whole team. It is a game of speed. Thank you to Mr Jacobsen and some other helpers. The team we were playing was the Chiefs, the Chiefs, leaders were Tupuia and Chastyti. This was one of my favourite courses.

My favourite highlight was the Moana a nui kiwa pools! The Moana a nui kiwa pools had everything that a kid wanted in a pool. It had a bombing pool, a water park and a slide. We were doing handstands and flips underwater. Me and Laura were collecting a bunch of leaves. But my favourite thing about the pools is getting to hang out with my friends.

Some I have learnt from myself is that I am a good dancer and a good leader. I think everyone should have camp in the future because we get to reconnect with the environment and other students.

Thank you to Mr Burt, Mr Somerville, Naomi and Kurtas (camp leaders). My thoughts of camp is that camp is a place that you can reconnect with other people or meet some people you haven't met before. Camp is a fun place, that you can relax and forget about school.

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