Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Pisirina Reflection Paideia Seminar Term 2.

This Term we had the Paideia Seminar for Term 2 because we had no time for the Seminar. Me, Jahzara, Levonah and Amelia were in a group for the Seminar. Our perspective was School. I chose this because it had lot’s of reasons and facts to talk about.This is what we were talking and arguing politely about:          
Is it important to keep our humanity, emotions, critical thinking, and empathy or doesn’t it matter if we live in a wired world where we are individuals, not a community?
What is the best or worst case scenario of living in a world, where we don’t communicate face to face?
I felt really nervous, I kept on telling my group I don’t know what to say but Amelia told me to just piggy bank on my Idea. My Emotions took over me but I was okay. I thought that I didn’t really talk that much because I was really shy. One person who surprised me was Bethan because she barely opened her mouth and usually she dominates the conversation. Something I could do better is to talk more and express myself because everybody has a voice.

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