Friday, 7 August 2015


On Monday morning room 13 went to the life Education caravan to see Harold and Lynn. We were so excited once we got in the caravan. The life Ed caravan teaches us about our bodies and our feelings.
Room 13 are learning about bodies and empathy Because if we are sick you know what's happening in your body. Empathy means putting yourself in their shoes. 

After that we watched a movie about Harold's friend Billy. Billy is from a country but he moved to a city. He was really shy when he met his new class because he didn't know anyone. So his teacher said " come sit at the front desk with Robert. Then the bell rang Robert left Billy alone in the class on purpose but  Robert said come on Billy  I guess you have to come with me said Robert in a annoying way. Billy  was sitting alone in the court, on the other side is Robert and his friend is looking at some comic books. Then these two girls came by and said who's your new friend their so Robert said "him I'm just babysitting for the day ". Said Robert . Robert , his friend and the two girls went away and billy went to the soccer field where some kids was playing rugby and he met someone in the field his name is called Sam  and he said nice things to him . Sam said do you wanna play with us and billy said yes.

Harold and Lynn said should we sing a song and we said yes . Lynn turned on some cool lights they were blue,red, green,purple and yellow. We danced through the whole song it was so fun.

We appreciate  you Harold and thanks for teaching us all about empathy and feelings.
Hope you come back next year. We love you Harold and Lynn.

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