Tuesday, 31 March 2015


On Tuesday morning class 13 and year 3 went to motat on the bus.
We lined up in two lines to go to our meeting place. My helper was Miss King.
The first thing for room 13 was we went into the air conditioning for our lesson with Abby. She told us about things that people used to use in the olden days. On each table there were some things.
There were old cameras, old telephones, old typewriters, old inventions and things that you had to match up new and old. We took turns on each thing in our group with our helper.
The first thing that we did was the typewriter. We had to write our name. The second thing we looked at were the old telephone. After that we had to swap over everything and we had turns at the other things.
Next thing we did was that we went wherever we wanted. Miss King’s group went to the MOTAT village. Miss King gave us lollies before me and Lilly went around to wander in the village. We went in a house and saw a scary doll, we ran back to Miss King and the boys.
We went through a house and one of the boys was really scared.
After that we wandered off and went to the telephone shop where we played with Miss Haare’s group. We were calling the other people’s telephones and talking to each other. That was pretty awesome.
After that we went with our helpers to eat lunch.
Miss King told us that if we were good we could go to the mirror maze and the challenge zone. We took photos at the cars.
Then Miss King said we could finally go to the Mirror Maze. We ran through the mirror maze, bumping our heads because we couldn’t see if it was a mirror or a wall.
After that we went to the challenge zone and right to the earthquake cafe. The boys stayed there for ages and didn’t let anyone else have a go.
At the end of the day all the year 3 classes went back to the meeting place. Then we ran through the rain to quickly get on the tram.
The tram was fun because Mrs Samuels made us play a game with our hands on our head and a funny face while we walked through the shop. Lots of people made me laugh.
When we went past the zoo, we stopped and the tram driver told us stories about the old trams.
After that we went back to MOTAT and got our bags and went back to school.
We had had a very happily ever after day.

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