Monday, 9 November 2015

Weekend story

Yesterday at 5 pm, my cousins and aunties came for the meeting, it was about the wedding.
My little cousins came as well,their names were Persia and Alaysia. Persia is 6 years old and Alaysia is 4 years old.

We Watched SpongeBob out of the water. But we were bored so we started played some hoops outside. I was winning because I was the tallest.

So we went inside to have a snack. We ate ice cream, carrot cake and some chips. It was super yum.

After that we went outside to play spies. I was the mother and I had 2 daughters and 1 son ,the son was my brother in real life. Anyways we had a great time.

Then all of my cousins came outside to play master. I was the first master but my cousin Stacy bet me. If we missed we had to run 4 times and you had go at the back of the line. We had amazing time and that is my weekend story.

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