Friday, 6 November 2015


                                       The ice cream - osaurus.

The ice cream osaurus is a harmless dinosaur. He lives in ice cream land. That is every dinosaurs dream place except for hate-osaurus and berrie-osaurus.

His favourite thing to do is roll in ice cream. The ice cream Land is hard to see because it camouflages with the mountain. It is also predator proof that means if someone that is their enemy tries to come through, gets knocked allllll the way to the moon.

His nickname is called junkie. Junkie is one of the powerfullest dinosaur and the most popular dinosaurs on earth. He is one of the popular dinosaur because his great,great,great,great grandmother was the Queen of ice cream osaurus, she has courage and believes we are strong in our heart and brain.

He lived in the harmless period. His power is running,strength,smart. In his smart, he can manipulate people and also can take over other Dinosaurs body, to humiliate themselves.

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