Thursday, 28 September 2017

Pisirina Guardians of the Galaxy Narrative.

Chapter 1,The Spill:
During a hot day, 3 good friends were out at the beach . Peter, Luna and Neil were having a picnic, until they see a big steamboat. They saw something from the boat leaking into the ocean.They immediately went over to Luna’s Apartment and started watching the News.
Chapter 2,Panicking News:
“ There is breaking news, repeat there is breaking news, there has just been an oil spill down in Mission bay.” said Jessie the reporter. “ There is also been some factories that have been polluting the air by just burning metal and other materials.” Jessie panicked. “ Also there is an 95% that we have to leave earth and move to another planet! Who is going to save us? Questioned Jessie.

Ahhhh! Neil screamed, We are going to die. “ But I am too young to die” Luna cried. “You are only 21 yrs old” replied Peter. They figured out that they have to save the World themselves after all Neil is an Astronaut, Luna is a Scientist and Peter is a Adventurer. Anyways Neil asked his old agent if he still had his Rocket.

Chapter 3, The start of something different .
His Agent said Yes, “Hooray” 3 of them shouted. They all rushed over to where his rocket and found out that his Rocket was busted. Peter said “I know how to fix your rocket, I just need some fixing tools and my brain.” Yay! “You saved my day Peter” said Luna.

“Hammer Please” said Peter, “ Also the nuts and bolts” Luna handed it.  
“There it is finished, Now let’s go blast into space and find another planet to live on.’’ Peter said.

They went outside of his agent’s backyard and started the countdown. “Three, Two,One Blast Off”said Neil. They all blasted off into space and went to mars. But as soon as they saw mars, there was a asteroid coming towards them so they immediately went back to Earth. On their way back to Earth they saw a very interesting planet. So they decided to land on the planet.

“OMG, It so amazing!I am definitely not leaving this planet.”said Luna. “ Wait what should we name this planet.” said Peter. Neil replied “ I was thinking because there is so much water on this planet it should be named Aquavia.”
And lived happily ever after.

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