Friday, 12 May 2017

What is that?

What does this product look like?.......

We looked at a picture of a shoe but we didn’t know what it did. It looks like a new slim product. It doesn’t have laces and it looks like it would cost millions of dollars. You would definitely buy it because of its aesthetics. You would think it hasn’t been invented but it has. All I can say is that it is an eye catching product. I think it is made out rubber and carbon fibre because it is strong and useful for shoes.

What do you think this product is?.......

I have lots of ideas, its like my head is full of ideas. I am sure that if you press the icon on the front of the shoes it will activate the phone that is under your shoes. So it controls your shoes, meaning it’s like a remote. If you say moonwalk out loud it will do it for you, it even does the same thing when you tell it to dance.

What is the real product?

The product’s name is The world’s first smart shoe.They don’t come in your size, they just come in one size and it shrinks into your size. The company that created this product is Digitsole. One of its finest features is You can control the shoes with your smartphone. Another thing about the shoe is that  it has self lacing.  You can also warm up the shoes to 113 'F (45 celsius) individually on your phone. My opinion on the shoe is it is an amazing product and that it might be one of the world’s most unbelievable shoes. Here is a link to the website if you want to know more about the shoe.

I think I wouldn’t buy it because of the amount of the money and the shoes we have are already enough!

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