Thursday, 25 May 2017

Brief Land boat.

We are designing a land boat/go cart boat for the purpose of  learning more about transport of techonology.The land boat that I am imagining is that it has smooth wood so it won’t be bumpy while you are walking onto it.

A physical attribute is something that you see. For example a umbrella, one of the physical attributes is the hook end and if you want to tell what the purpose of it then you are talking about a functional attribute.

The physical Attribute for the land boat is  Smooth wood the functional attribute for that is so it won’t be bumpy when you are going to stand onto it. Next physical attribute is man made material  Functional attribute is because it is good and strong material to use to design. Physical attribute is Thick wheels and a helmet, the functional attribute is so it can grip to the concrete and it is strong enough to hold the wood and for safety.

We are going to be working in our reading groups to design and brainstorm our ideas for our land boat.

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