Monday, 15 May 2017

Catching coins

That was the hardest experience I’ve ever had in my entire life. The catching coins challenge was really difficult.

“For writing we are going to go somewhere and make a recount about what we have just did” Miss West said. “Tell me what we are doing” Exclaimed myself. Miss West did a demonstration of what we were going to do.

First instruction was you had to put your arm on a position you would try to lick your elbow but your arm had to be steady. Your palm had to be facing up. Second instruction is  you just had to flick your arm up and try to catch it with the hand that you are using but only one of your hands. Last instruction, once you have catched your first coin, you move on to your second coin and so on (2 coins at once) .

Walking outside sensibly while other are running maniacally. Forming a circle, well kind of a circle more of a oval, we  all stood up and was shivering to death. The only thing I heard was my classmates saying “Can we go inside now Miss”!

Miss West handed us our first counter (coin).We all started at the same time. Some people were up to their second coin while I’m just over here in the corner still blooming on my first coin. “Finally I am one of you guys” I shouted.

I saw lots of people having a good time and others being completely focused on their counter.I got up to 8 counters. One of our best coin catcher, Josh got about 14 coins. Can you imagine that much counters on your arm stacked up, unbelievable right?

I wish we could do this some time again so I can learn from my mistakes and try to get a higher score.

Photos down below!

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