Thursday, 1 June 2017

What we are doing for our animations.

We are learning how Technology has changed over time.

Back in the days before pakeha and Europeans came to NZ, Maori had lots of methods to make useful things in their life. They had waka’s, they may have used a totara tree to make the base of the Waka and might of used strips of harakeke to lash the wood together since they are both strong. Time flies by very quickly, so when the Europeans came they already had more useful stuff with them. They also built factories that made lots of products like metal and that made more updated boats. One of the famous boats is the Titanic. The purpose of the Titanic is that when you want to travel it won’t take you that long to go from one place to your destination. Technology has changed over time because some inventors create more things that help you in life and sometimes can damage your body. Did you know that Technology is not only devices, it can also be shoes because they fix a problem and it is fit for that purpose.

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