Sunday, 4 June 2017

Jahzara's Birthday

Today is Jahzara’s birthday, she is turning 10yrs old. Before Sunday on Saturday, she invited us over to her house to celebrate her birthday and her sleepover. She invited her top 7 besties, Me, Levonah, Marika, Rosiephine, Chance, and Eden. Arriving at jahzara’s house, I tried to hide but my mum told me not worry. On the day she wore a blue button shirt with black tights. A few mins later we went to pick up Levonah at about 4:00 . We drove over to Levonah’s house with Jahzara’s mum. While we were driving, the silence was getting quiet and quieter until Levonah came into the car with Jahzara’s present and blanket with her pillow. We went back to Jahzara’s house and later that day at 4:30 Rosie (Rosiephine) came with her mum. Us three went to the trampoline and the netball hoop outside. We went bouncing to the room. Then all of sudden, Marika and Eden came. Running downstairs I said to Marika’s mum, “Miss King, our little girl is growing up “ I pretend to sobb.We all waited for Chance to come but unfortunately Chance did not come, but we all wiped our tears away and carried on. Jahzara’s mum went to buy the tickets to the movies, she said there was a surprise. Jahzara was bursting to tell what the surprise was, Jahzara’s  mum came back with pizza! We did the prayer and while we were doing the prayer one of jahzara’s baby twin was saying Amen over and over again. We went back upstairs to sort out our blankets and pillows to where we were going to sleep. I slept with Rosie, Marika with Eden and Jahzara with Levonah.  At about 7:00 we started to watch white chicks on the PS4.after about 1 hour of watching that we went to the movies, the surprise was that we were going to the lux. For those of you that don’t know what the Lux is, it is those big red couches at the top of the theaters. The movie we watched was Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales. We had desserts in the middle of the movie. Marika had brownies with ice cream, Levonah and Jahzara had mini doughnuts with ice cream and me, Rosie and Eden had an Ice cream sundae, all I could was that that was delicious. We put ourselves to sleep at 1:00 because the movie finished at 11: something.While I was sleeping all I could smell was pancake mixture and that time I knew it was morning but actually it was 4:00. At 6:00 we tiredly walked downstairs to eat our pancakes. After we ate, Jahzara opened her presents from us. We all went home in peace (NOT).

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