Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Animation writing

Back in the day before europeans came, Maori had lots of technology and methods to make useful thing in their life. One of the products was a Waka. A Waka would’ve taken months and weeks to build. They might have carved a totara tree into a narrow boat and used strips of harakeke to lash the woods together.To move the Waka, they would’ve needed strong men to push the water away from the boat.

Time flies by very quickly so when the europeans and pakeha came to new zealand,factories were built because of the materials they had. So when more factories were built that meant more materials were made like metal and steel.
Before we had speedboats, the europeans made steamboats.One of the famous steamboats is a titanic. The titanic needed 500 men to move the titanic in the boiler room. Fast forward to the present, Nowadays we have speed boats because it is faster to get from one place to another. We use motors to push our speed boats forward.

Technology changes over time because every year new inventions and products are being made.They make technology to fix problems.

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