Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Dear Mr Goodwin ( Thank you Letter)

WALT: Structure a thank you note.
Walt: Show Gratitude.
Room 7
Pt England School
14 March, 2018

Dear Mr Goodwin,

I am writing a letter to you because I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for organising this camp all by yourself, for this being your first time I think you did amazing. You did a great job of making everyone have fun. I did not see a single frown at Camp because that’s how fun every year 5&6 student had.

One of my highlights was the food. Not only was it the food but I liked how we had to work as a team to get our meals. While we were eating our food, I also liked how some people were very vulnerable and brave enough to go up in the front and sing a song to entertain us. The best thing was if you got up to sing you get points for your group.

My other highlight is Kayaking with Mr Burt. It was so fun and tiring because it was the first activity for our group. Our group was Rapid Recyclers A.K.A the best group. First I was in a double kayak with Deborah just for a warm-up then I was ready to be by myself. I think I was as good as my older brother when he was a yr 5&6 maybe even better. Hehe! Anyways Kayaking was Fantastic.

Once again just thank you for sorting out camp. Without you and the other teachers this wouldn’t be possible. This was my favourite camp so far. You did a great job for this being your first time. Did you also know your an amazing Team leader, Maybe even better than Mr Somerville, Who knows? We are all very thankful for you, Mr Goodwin. Keep doing what you always do because it puts a smile on my face and on other faces too.

Yours Sincerely,


Task Description: If you have seen my other Thank you Letter, this is another one. I wish I could do a billion more of these because lots of people participated in helping the camp happen. Unfortunately I don't have enough time. This is dedicated to Mr Goodwin my teacher. Enjoy!

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