Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Dear Miss Haare (Thank you letter)

Walt: Structure a Thank You Note.

Room 7
Pt England School
12 March, 2018

Dear Miss Haare,

Thank you for entertaining us during breakfast, Dinner and Most of all the camp concert. Another thing to thank you is for supervising us at the pools everyday. We had a good time during Camp concert mostly because of your challenges you have planned for everyone. We are very thankful that you were there for us.

One of my highlights from camp was Sliding games with Mr Somerville. I enjoyed it because we got to do some games but also worked as a team. We also got some lollies! The best thing was Slip-n-Slide because we had fun while washing our clothes with washing liquid and water.

Another highlight was staying up late with eden in our tent. It was very fun and scary because Mr Somerville and Chris (Rangimaria dad) were right next to us talking to each other. Me and Eden were on the whisper zone which was hard for us because we were sneaking chocolates in our mouths.

Once again thank you for making up some games for camp concert especially the Bum aerobics, that was brilliant. A big thank you for helping the Rapid Recyclers dance become more amazing. You have awesome dancing skills. We thank you for taking some time off so you can help us on camp.

Yours Sincerely


Task Description: We just finished Camp! We didn't want to do a recount so we are doing a Thank You Letter. This is dedicated to Haare, because she did a lot of things for camp. Haare is a helper at Pt England School, She is very special to all of us at PES. Thank You Miss Haare for Helping organising this Camp.

Photos Below!

This was my groups item for Camp Concert. I am the girl in the red hat and black pants.

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