Thursday, 6 April 2017

The Story of my Wanted Poster.

Harley was sick of being the school janitor in high school . Picking chip bags, ice cream wrappers, soda cans and lolly wrappers.  Monday to Friday and 6 am to 5 pm.

One day Harley decided if she couldn’t be appreciated then she would have to do something to get attention. Harley quit her job and thought of chopping down trees, getting every garbage bin on her street and throwing it everywhere and pouring chemicals down pipes and drains.

“ Since no-one will ever appreciate me including my family, I am going to the environment’s biggest enemy”! Said Harley. The next day Harley stole chemicals from her father’s lab and started pouring as much as she could in each drain.

That night at 6 pm, the news came on. “ There is breaking news, repeat there is breaking news. “There is someone or some people in our local area who is pouring poison and toxic chemicals in the drains from Maybury street to Pt england school”.  “ MUAHAHAHAHA” laughed Harley.

On the other side of the story, there is Hayley the most Responsible teenager in New Zealand. Hayley is known as the Recycle, Reduce and Reuse Queen. The reason why her nickname is that is because she got an award and trophy for being a recycle hero.

As soon as Hayley heard the news, she flew but then she remembered she can’t fly at all. After a day of ice on her face, she went for a walk if there was anything suspicious. “Stop doing this, I just started this last week did you know that plants, bushes and trees are important in our life because without them there will be no more of us humans” cried Grandma Lola.  Hayley ran across the road but luckily Harley escaped. “She she chopped down my trees, my lovely trees” sobbed Lola.

“This has to be stopped, if only there was a way to do it”? Said Hayley. Hayley collected all of her friends to make posters, after they finished they sent it all around the world. Just one more thing we need to finish off, the litterer.

“Look at what I have here in my hands 30 buckets of rubbish” said Harley and her other friends in unison. Ella the Eel said “ You people are wrong, Every little bits of  rubbish you dump in the Omaru creek, It gets swallowed by fish and that is what you get on your dinner plate”said Ella. “ I had no idea but you know what, I am a vegetarian” said Harley. Ella said“ Well at least I tried”.

“Hold you horses there Sir” said Hayley. “ Excuse me I am not a Sir” Shouted Harley. Bleep Bloop Bloop Bleep, Ring Ring “ Hello there is someone trying to kill endangered animals” cried Hayley. “ Umm we only arrest people that are in a serious situation” This is a serious problem” “Just calm down” said Bob the Police officer.  

The police officer  arrested Harley and her friends. To be continued.


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