Thursday, 13 April 2017

Te Taiao O Tamaki

Wow! There was so many creations and designs from other talented school.Oh Hi there, now back to my recount. Wait what recount? Don't you know the thingy thing.Well anyways.

Walking down the stairs, step by step. I have just left the bus. Entering the building with so much noise. Shh! Shouted Mrs Moala and Miss West" Remember Pt England we are at Te Oro".

In a line of people who were chosen to come from Team 3 and 4 strutted up the stairs. The first 4 rooms were Ruapotaka, Glenn Innes, St Pius, Sommerville school and  Tamaki primary. St Pius and Glen Innes school had an really creative masterpiece. St Pius and Glen Innes school was in one room together.

St Pius's creation that I loved was this poster that had some information about Pests. They talked about some bite marks about what they look like for example a rats bite marks look a lot like it has been chewed and eaten. The way they showed it was they used this kind of  white cardboard that different kind of pest bite marks like Possums, rats and mouses.

Glen Innes's art was about the Omaru Creek. They built house and the Omaru Creek. On the left side of the creek was clean side and o the other side was the polluted side.

The day before Te Oro me Zaeeda, Jahzara and Deavay helped Mr Vogt and Mr Jacobsen set up the teams 2 to 4s tapestry, We braided, sewed, Lashed and most of all we worked as a team.

I cant wait to see more art this year!

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  1. Hi Pisirina,

    I am glad you enjoyed visiting the Te Taiao o Tāmaki exhibitions at Te Oro at the end of last term. I thought it was amazing that our Manaiakalani schools created so many amazing displays to show their learning! I liked the model by Glen Innes School which compared the polluted creek to the clean creek. The students explained their learning very confidently, too!

    I like the use of the word 'strutted' in your writing, Pisirina. It adds interest for the reader.

    Keep up the amazing learning!

    Miss West