Friday, 14 October 2016

The Day of Disaster

There was a mad scientist named Albert Einstein who had  assistant named Valentine Bargmann. Albert was a perfectionist, he wanted every thing perfect like his invention he was working on. He was creating a world changing formula. It could change humans into his slaves and zombies.

As he was testing the formula Albert thought he was missing something. Albert said “ Safety first” Albert tested the formula on Valentine with five drops. Nothing happened but overnight he changed not into a zombie or a slave, he transformed into a duplicate of Albert.

The next day, Valentine woke up and got ready to begin his day but when he looked in the mirror he  flipped out so he fainted. Three hours later, he woke up and couldn’t remember what happened. Valentine checked his watch and he was fifty minutes late for work.

When he arrived at the laboratory, Albert knew that the fake Albert was Valentine. “Yes, this better than what I expected” said Dr Albert. Dr Albert had an idea to trick people into drinking the formula. Albert went to go get 1000  water bottles and filled it with water also a drop of the formula. Valentine selled all of the drinks to Auckland,new zealand. Since Albert put one drop of the formula, they were transforming quicker.

With no one to save them, Auckland turned into Alberts.

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