Monday, 31 October 2016

The bush walk

Every morning Rachel and Christina, would go for a walk near the bushes around their house. They would walk every morning to be fit and healthy. Sometimes they would do even ride their bikes too.

But one morning Rachel and Christina saw something. It was a fairy, she was wearing blue indigo ish clothes and she had long black hair. Christina asked the fairy nicely  “ Hi my name is Christina, what is your name” The fairy replied “ My name is Hayley, I’m the rain fairy.

All of a sudden it started to rain, Christina and Rachel took Hayley to their house. Hayley’s job was to make it rain whenever it was time to water the flowers and plants. But today wasn’t one of those days, today Jack Frost’s goblins have stolen the magic key to the human world.

Hayley said “ You are the only ones that can help us fairies defeat them, please!” “OK” said Rachel and Christina. Rachel and Christina traveled to fairyland with Hayley. They both met all of the fairies.

Christina and Rachel saw a few goblins around the fairy castle with the key, so they ran outside with Hayley. Hayley made it rain so it could burn the goblins down and they did burn. Rachel ran over to the goblins and picked up the key and brought it to the Queen of  fairyland.

Christina and Rachel traveled back to their world and wished to have another mission for them.

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