Friday, 12 August 2016


A long time ago in Ancient Greece there was a war in a town named Marathon, the Greeks were fighting the Persians. While fighting, the Greeks were winning against the Persians. Happily and with lots of luck, the Greeks won.

The boss of the Athenian army said to one of his fittest soldier named Pheidippides, “Go run to the emperor of Athens to spread the good news”. Pheidippides ran to Athens, he had to run 42.2 km. He ran up the highest mountains and ran around some cliffs. He was so dehydrated yet he never gave up.

Pheidippides finally arrived at Athens. He shouted “Joy, we won!” He took his last breath and collapsed to the ground. Pheidippides will be remembered as the person who invented the meaning of the word Marathon.     

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