Thursday, 25 August 2016

Ben Johnson story

In 1988, during the Olympics there was the 100 metre final race. The competitors all lined up, all eyes were on  Ben Johnson and Carl Lewis. It was going to be a tough race !

As soon as the gun  went off Ben Johnson’s start was phenomenal. He was coming 1st, not only did he win but he ran a new world record.  Ben Johnson got the gold medal but 3 hours later there was a shocking announcement.

They tested a sample of Ben Johnson to see if he used any drugs. When they tested the sample they tried it again to see if it was positive. Ben Johnson was caught using drugs!

He knew he was banned from the Olympics for life. He disappointed his country, Canada.The Host country took the gold medal off Ben Johnson and gave it to Carl Lewis.


  1. Hi Pisirina, I love your Ben Johnson writing it is very amazing on how you new that Ben Johnson took drugs.From your class mate M

  2. KIA Ora Pisirina I love the way you wrote your Ben Johnson writing it was really really inserting. why did he use drugs to cheat and run faster?

    From Roshaan and Naha.