Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Matariki Day Recount!

Walt: structure a recount

Have you ever had your school celebrate a day about Matariki? Well Pt England School took a day off school work last Friday and started having fun, it was a day full of enthusiasm. Read on to find out more about our Matariki day.

After Assembly, we were bursting to find out who was in our group and what group we were in. Miss Parrant shouted out “ Pisirina, Eden and Chance go to the Staff room because you are in My Kai Rules.” I jumped into thrillness because my two friends were with me in my group. I went speed walking to the Staff Room and found 15 other people power walking towards the Office.

At the Office, Miss Flavelle, Mrs Sorenson, Mrs McMillan and Miss Takerei gave us stickers with our names on it so that they can remember our names. We got splitted into 3 stations and did 3 different things. Eden,Ayvah,Danielle,John, Rangimaria, Rozaida and I were with Mrs McMillan’s station. We made Chocolate Fudge Slices. It was Deliciously Tasty.

Mrs McMillan gave us a laminated list with ingredients and instructions. We all read out “Chocolate fudge Slices.” We were reading out the ingredients and putting the ingredients on top of the small table. Finally we were ready to bake! My favourite thing to do during the process of baking is melting the butter. It was so satisfying and it smelled nice when Eden and I were melting the butter.

We then were adding in the ingredients.Ayvah and John splatted the mixture of all the ingredients onto a parchment paper and tray. Then we carefully threw it into the Refrigerator that was in the Staffroom. After that, MKR group spent 15 minutes creating a plate for us to take home. On that plate there was fruit kebabs, egg and parsley sandwiches, ham sandwiches, chocolate chip cookies and Chocolate fudge slices. All the treats on our plate were made by the MKR group.

Finally we finished up and had to go to the hall to have a assembly to show what some of our groups in our whole school have done. We were chosen by Mr Burt to go up the stage and present our creation which was our food plate to the whole school. Zaeeda grabbed the microphone and described what was on our plates. It was a very good description of our plates.

At the end of the day, I think everyone in my group would agree with me and say that it was Amazingly awesome. We were so blessed that we got to make all sorts of yummy treats. I can not wait until next year to do this again.

Task Description
For this task we had to write a recount about Last friday the 8th of June. We wrote about how interesting or fun our day was. This was really tiring to write because our class doesn't like recounts . Read my whole story above to find out how the 8th of June went.


  1. Hi Pisirina ,that food looks so yum!, I just wanted to say good job for using your full stops, capital letter,s and a good way with a sizzling start. Did you have lots of fun, when you did the cooking show. Wish you all the best.;)

    1. Hi Giovanni,
      Thank you for commenting on my blog. Yes I did have a fun time when I was baking and cooking. Thank you for being so positive on my blog. The Whole Class misses you as much as we enjoyed your funny jokes.

      Sincerely yours, Pisirina:)