Thursday, 9 November 2017

Recount Writing

Walking outside of the classroom, I lined up with my classmates and my teacher as well. It was pretty windy at the time so my legs were freezing, “Luckily I have my Jersey with me” I said. We all strolled to the middle of the field but we couldn’t sit down because It was kind of wet.

We formed a circle while people were chattering but I’m pretty sure that it was just me talking. Anyways, Miss West introduced us to the game which was kind of confusing at first, but then I got the hang of it. Miss West told us that there was going to be this one person acting out a sport. Then Miss West said “ freeze “ then they froze. Another person came along and tried to  do another act to link it to what the other person was freezing as. So it kept on repeating, however when there a was two people in the “Theater” once you say freeze the person that was there first will have to swap out with a different person.

Enough of that let’s talk about what happened. Levonah was the first person and she froze in a position like she was about do the the Single Ladies dance which was hilarious. My favourite moment was when Amira froze and Jedida came along and pretend to lift some weights. The whole class laughed and became really energetic.

We all played another game which was really funny. We had to create a moment and pretend that we were in a photo  then someone from another team had to explain what they were doing. Zaeeda,Amira and Ayvah freezed/acted out a robbery. Ayvah was the bank person,  Zaeeda was the police and Amira was the robber. Amira was running away,Zaeeda was chasing after her and Ayvah had her hands over her mouth. My answer was that they were playing hide and seek but Ayvah was peeking so she was cheating.

I had heaps of fun and I think the whole class had fun as well. I would definitely do this again but not on a day when it is windy. What I learned is that you can make someone laugh without using words and if you can’t then they have no sense of humor or you’re not trying hard enough.


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