Friday, 8 July 2016

Te Tuhi Trip

Climbing off the bus, we lined up in 2 straight line to get ready to go inside. When we went inside we saw this cool sculpture made by this sculptor. While we were waiting we saw our tour guide (Jeremy).

We followed Jeremy to the art room, where we were going to do our activity that involves Geometry. Jeremy had an activity for us, we had to make a dreamhouse. The first thing that we had to do was we had to form our houses with shapes. The second thing that we did was, we had to glue our shapes on to the paper so that the shapes will stick to it. The third thing was we get a vivid and draw on the outlines of each shape. The last thing we had to do was get a pencil and draw anything we would want to have in our dream house.

Visiting the Te Tuhi Art Gallery,made me eager for another visit.

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